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BTS Design d'Espace

BTS Design d'Espace

January 20, 2017
THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN FRENCH. Le ou (la) designer d’espace doit réfléchir aux modes d’intervention de la protection d’un site tout autant qu’il peut avoir à mettre en scène un événement ou concevoir du mobilier. Ces nouveaux questionnements traversent donc également les notions de patrimoine, d’éphémère, d’urbanisme et de production industrielle. Doté d’… [+]une grande créativité et d’une culture artistique conséquente, le designer d’espace travaille au sein d’une équipe pluridisciplinaire. Il intervient particulièrement dans les phases d’élaboration (choix plastiques et techniques) et de mise en forme des projets de création. [-]

ESMUC Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya

Master in Techniques of Contemporary Music

December 13, 2016
The Master in Techniques of Contemporary Music gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of techniques for the creation and practice of new music. In addition to this, students will investigate the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that make this music possible.

laSalle Barcelona Postgraduate

Master's Degree In Management Of Information And Communications Technology

December 7, 2016
Today, business and social organizations must face the challenge of making successive waves of technologies, both for the digitization of its administrative and production processes, and to launch initiatives for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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What are online studies?
Online studies are higher education courses, programs and degrees that are offered online. Some online courses are hosted exclusively through digital platforms, while others include remote learning and on-campus elements. Online studies are practical and often very flexible, allowing students to study when, where and in ways that are more convenient than traditional on-campus offerings. Online studies range from individual courses and certificates to full degree offerings and study options for specific industries and career fields. Many traditional institutions offer online studies alongside their physical course offerings, but the popularity of online studies has led the development of many online-only institutions.

What are the benefits of online studies? Online studies are ideal for working professionals and for individuals who have personal situations that make it difficult to pursue full-time, on-campus studies. Online courses and degrees are often flexible and some can be completed at the student’s own pace. The variety of online study options means that there are options for every student. Online study have become very popular and are now offered by both traditional “brick-and-mortar” institutions and exclusively online providers. Students interested in online study opportunities will find a wealth of subjects, instructional methods, schedules, costs, and credentials.

What subjects are offered online?
Nearly every subject and degree can be found as an online study option. Online studies range from career-building courses to full degrees such as undergraduate, master, and PhD level programs. You will also find online programs in specific career fields like law, medicine and business.

What kind of career can you expect with online studies?
In recent years, online studies have increased in popularity and online degrees, certificates and qualifications are now widely recognized by both employers and higher education institutions. As with “brick-and-mortar” institutions, it is important to consider the reputation and accreditation status of your chosen school or program.

How much does it cost to study online?
The cost of studying online varies from program to program, though in many cases online studies can be less expensive than comparable on-campus offerings. Online program fees are set by the school or program provider and the institution, location, program format and field of study can have an impact on the cost. Some programs offer financial assistance and, in some instances, online study options can qualify for student financing programs like grants and loans. It is important to contact the course or program provider to find out more about the costs associated with the program of your choice.

What are the pre-requisites for online studies?
As with traditional, on-campus programs, the prerequisites for online studies vary from program to program. For higher-level degrees like online master’s or PhDs, applicants will often be required to have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree. Make sure to contact each school or provider with questions about prerequisites.

How long does it take to complete online studies?
Online studies can vary in length and method of instruction. In some cases, the flexible nature of online study options means that they can be completed as quickly or slowly as the individual student desires. One benefit of studying online is that many programs offer the opportunity to study at an accelerated rate, or to study at your own pace. It is important to contact individual programs to enquire about the length of a program and the method of instruction.

Why should I consider online studies?
Online studies are an ideal way for modern, connected individuals to enhance their careers, gain new skills, earn degrees, and complete their education. The flexible nature of online studies make them the perfect option for busy professionals who want to gain more experience or move into a different sector or position. For students looking for full-degree offerings, online studies offer the opportunity to study without boundaries. Read more about online study options here.