BA (Honours) in Language Studies with French and German

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Programme Description

BA (Honours) in Language Studies with French and German

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This is one of several subject combinations available in our BA (Honours) Language Studies (Q30).

You will study a range of aspects relating to French and German language and culture around the world, including history, current affairs and the arts through a range of interactive materials and practical activities. You’ll also develop transferable, academic and digital literacy skills. On completion, you’ll have a high level of modern language proficiency and intercultural competence, making you an effective global communicator able to operate effectively in a vast range of professions in the public and private sector


Key features of the course

  • Learn about French and German cultures and develop your intercultural communicative competence
  • Develop your critical thinking and communicative skills that will be valued in the workplace and beneficial to further study
  • Become fluent in French and German, taking your language proficiency to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Acquire valuable transferable skills in managing and motivating yourself, setting and achieving goals, using digital tools, and working collaboratively

Course details

This qualification has three stages, each comprising 120 credits.

  • You’ll start Stage 1 with a compulsory 30-credit introductory module.
  • Thereafter, for your remaining 330 credits, you’ll combine the study of French and German, choosing a starting point based on your current modern language proficiency.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements to study this qualification.

There’s a choice of starting points in your chosen modern language(s) depending on your current level of confidence and proficiency.

Skills for career development

By the time you graduate, you’ll be an effective communicator with an awareness of cultural differences and similarities – attributes that are particularly valuable in an environment of increasing international contact. If you learn about English alongside another language, your study of its structure, history, and place in societies and cultures will greatly enrich and develop your understanding of all aspects of communication.

Certain skills flow directly from your studies like translation, fluent communication in more than one language, the ability to compose and analyse a range of texts, and the ability to work well with members of other cultures and communities. You’ll also develop a broad set of employability skills, including the ability to:

  • manage and motivate yourself
  • plan, organise and prioritise your work
  • manage time and work independently and as part of a team
  • evaluate and reflect on your own work
  • set realistic objectives and meet your own goals
  • understand contemporary global issues and appreciate cultural diversity
  • draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information
  • use your knowledge about how language works in a range of settings
  • communicate effectively, clearly and accurately with others
  • put together reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • use information and communication technology (ICT) effectively
  • analyse data and undertake research using a range of methods.

Career relevance

As a linguist, you’ll enjoy a broad range of career opportunities directly related to your field: teaching; translating; interpreting; the diplomatic service; the media (publishing, journalism and advertising); leisure, tourism and travel; and working in international organisations and government bodies. There is also particular demand for language skills in education and more broadly across the economy in client-facing roles. These range from business development, sales, marketing, logistics, tourism to supporting and managing performance in global markets, and to offering services (from health and social care to driving instruction) in an increasingly diverse UK. Studying a language can also be your passport to a new life abroad.

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