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Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree is a goal many individuals set out to achieve. Students who earn a BA usually receive an in-depth education and hands-on training, which may open the doors of opportunity when the time comes for a professional career.

For higher education, a master is a great option. Programs can last about two years with a requirement somewhere between 12 and 18 courses at the graduate level. Field of study options may vary widely, allowing students to tailor their education to their needs.

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BA in Business and Management

Atlantic Business School
Online Full time 4 years September 2019 USA New Orleans

A primary objective of the Bachelor of Arts program at the Atlantic Business School is to ensure that graduates understand the functional components of the business: economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, and management.

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Waldorf University
Online Part time September 2019 USA Forest City

Waldorf’s online communications degree will prepare you for many exciting positions within the communications industry by combining a liberal arts education with specific job skills and service to the greater community.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Kentucky Wesleyan College
Online September 2019 USA Owensboro

The Bachelor of Arts in Religion online degree completion program is designed to help meet the increasing demand for qualified and highly skilled professionals in the fields of ministry, nonprofit work, business, journalism, and other related fields, as well as the pursuit of further education. The religion program at Kentucky Wesleyan seeks to cultivate an appreciation of religious diversity by familiarizing students with the development, beliefs, and practices of multiple religious traditions. Through the religion program, students employ interdisciplinary resources in order to recognize and engage the function of religion in history, society, and culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ubiquity University
Online Full time September 2019 USA Mill Valley

Ubiquity’s digital-first BA degree program is designed to equip you to operate in a hyper-complex world - where the speed of change is increasing exponentially, the interconnectedness of issues is woven ever more tightly, and events anywhere can have dramatic effects everywhere.

Bachelor in English

Mercy College
Campus Online Full time 4 years September 2019 USA Dobbs Ferry New York Yorktown Heights USA Online + 4 more

Develop strong literacy skills as you read and write critically Build a foundation in critical thinking and communication that you can apply as a writer, teacher and in many other working environments.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

California Southern University
Online Full time Part time 4 - 6 years Open Enrolment USA Costa Mesa + 1 more

The knowledge and skills imparted by CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) degree program promote both personal and professional growth. You’ll develop the ability to survey and synthesize complex information, hone your critical reasoning abilities, and refine verbal and written communication skills as you study the humanities, mathematics and the natural sciences.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership - Human Resources Concentration

Benedictine University Online
Online Part time 2 years September 2019 USA Lisle

Explore the social and cultural aspects of business and how they impact organizational effectiveness with the online Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership - Human Resources Management Concentration program.

BA in Computer Information Technology

Northern Arizona University
Online Full time Part time 4 years September 2019 USA Flagstaff + 1 more

The program is designed to provide the foundational skills for continuous learning and to adapt to the fast-changing information technology environment. This program also includes competency-based and hands-on learning modules to enhance acquired business skills. Parts of the curriculum are designed around highly valued certifications. Students will also augment their IT skills with the social, verbal and intercultural business skills demanded by today’s work environments.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

UMaineOnline (University of Maine)
Online Full time Part time September 2019 USA Orono

At UMaine’s Department of Political Science, you’ll learn from professors who do cutting-edge research and also care deeply about teaching and advising students. Some faculty focus on fundamental ideas about politics, going back thousands of years to contemporary times. Others examine the operations of politics and government today in the U.S. and around the world.

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Abraham Lincoln University
Online Part time 8 semesters September 2019 USA Los Angeles

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies prepares students for entry-level positions in business, industry and non-profit organizations. The program allows students to individually tailor their program to combine a substantial core set of general education courses with an emphasis on courses in career-related areas.

BA in Christian Ministries

San Diego Christian College
Online 4 years Open Enrolment USA Santee

San Diego Christian College’s online Christian Ministries degree was created give students the knowledge and skill set to succeed on the ministry path of their choosing. The program highlights leadership, theology, worship, and biblical counseling, along with other ministry essentials. This degree program is offered online, on campus or in a hybrid format.

Bachelor of Arts Completion in Psychology

Sofia University
Online Full time 1 - 2 years September 2019 USA Palo Alto

Sofia’s BA in Psychology Program Offers: Specifically designed programs for students interested in careers in psychotherapy, counseling, and other professions involving the practical application of psychological knowledge.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

McKendree University
Online September 2019 USA USA Online

McKendree University offers an online psychology degree program for undergraduate students. The online psychology program is flexible for the busy adult. Students are able to apply knowledge from courses to personal and professional situations. An online bachelor of arts in psychology degree will allow you to make your mark professionally in helping others.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership with a concentration in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Online USA Oakland USA Online

The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Concentration in leadership is concerned with the study of leadership principles and practices, teamwork, motivation, conflict management, and professional criminal procedure. It is designed to prepare law enforcement professionals in local, state, and federal agencies for leadership responsibilities and, consequently, advancement to upper-level and supervisory positions.

BA English Education with Teaching Certificate

Columbia College
Online Full time Part time September 2019 USA Columbia USA Online + 1 more

Accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the Columbia College English Education Program equips students with the skills and the certifications necessary to teach anywhere in the United States, including the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.