Do you like to use your intelligence to identify, secure and analyse all types of digital evidence in "digital forensics"? They are not only on the trail of the industry 4.0, but are they moving forward at the interface between IT expertise and practice expertise? The "Internet-of-things" is aroused by you as a researcher and pioneer? Then the Bachelor degree program "Digital Engineering" provides you with all the necessary knowledge about virtual reality, big data, embedded systems and computer and cyber security. Learn how the future fields of technology work and implement them holistically thanks to their computer science knowledge. With a bachelor's degree in "Digital engineering and applied computer science"Qualify for demanding expert and management positions in all sectors!

Your study set-up

The AKAD course "Digital Engineering and Applied Computer Science - Bachelor of Engineering"Is divided into seven consecutive semesters. It is a further development of the degree course "Technical Informatics" accredited by the ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute) and approved by the State Center for Distance Learning (ZFU):

  • Pre-course Math (optional) : With the free math upgrade, you can freshen up your mathematics skills for engineers - for a successful start to the first semester.
  • Semester 1 : Your studies begin with the expansion of your methodological and self-competence and provide basic knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering, engineering-related mathematics, digital engineering and the English language.
  • Semester 2 : You will be familiarized with programming in C / C ++, various operating and database systems as well as the formal methods of computer science and analysis.
  • Semester 3 : Programming in Java and computer architecture are the topics of the third semester. As computer scientists, you master the technical mechanisms of data communication and computer networks. Also, study computer networks in general and the internet in particular. They also learn the basics of business administration.
  • Semester 4 : Your studies continue with the latest know-how in image and data processing, microcontrollers, software programming and management as well as design patterns. You will get all the information about digital communication and its appearance.
  • Semester 5 : They cover business processes and application systems, enterprise technologies as well as project and quality management. You can also choose your well-being direction from four attractive areas and can thereby shape your personal profile as a specialist for hardware design, computer security, information management or virtual reality.
  • Semester 6 : In addition to advanced computer science English, working with C #, network and software security as well as game development, mobile computing, real-time systems as well as data and knowledge management, you independently solve a project task using the acquired knowledge and related to Their orientation.
  • Semester 7 : Your AKAD course prepares you individually for your bachelor's thesis and lets you achieve your final degree: with the independent preparation of your bachelor's thesis and their defence in an oral exam (colloquium).

Your plus: Your personal microcontroller is included in this AKAD course. Integrate the Internet of things into your daily life during your distance learning - and at the same time learn about the safe control of sensors and actuators.

As an ACAD student, you can also take the interesting option of a 3-week study stay in Sacramento: With the California Campus Programme!


  • Virtual Reality SWA40 SWA41 CSH20 | SWA60
  • Modern Dataprocessing IMG40 IMG45 | IMG44 | DBA60 | IMG60
  • Computer Security and Cyber ​​Security CSI20 CSI40 | CSI41 CSI42 | CSI43
  • Embedded Systems EBS01 EBS42 | EBS60 | CAN40 | EBS43


Best prospects with Bachelor Digital Engineering

The bachelor's degree in "Digital Engineering and Applied Computer Science" makes you a sought-after professional who, in addition to technology, media and computer science knowledge, also has knowledge of the economy. The degree program will prepare you for the challenges of your career: Whether as a project manager, system developer or development engineer, marketing specialist or game and design developer, you will qualify for challenging tasks at specialist and management level. After completing this degree, you may also complete an additional course in the form of a course of studies at AKAD University. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Bachelor's degree at AKAD: digital, independent of location and time

AKAD University - the pioneer in digital, location- and time-independent bachelor studies

Arrange your studies according to your individual professional and private situation. Get the most out of your learning type! With the Digital AKAD study model To acquire a bachelor's degree, you succeed flexible, individually and efficient: The AKAD Campus is the central hub for your Bachelor's degree. You can always use your study documents online. Plan exams flexibly and exchange ideas with your fellow students and professors. You would like to know how close you have already got to your bachelor's degree? A look at the AKAD campus is enough! With the AKAD study model as a professional student successfully for the Bachelor degree:

  • Distance Learning : practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study materials. Time- and location-independent. For home and on the road!
  • Distance e-learning : efficient learning through digital learning methods: online exercises, online coaching and web-based training. Keep the content safe!
  • Interactive e-learning : personally through tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students. Additional competences that you can profit from at the same time!
  • Seminars (optional) : complementary to the virtual learning forms. Apply the learned in concrete professional questions immediately!

Admission Requirements

They have high school or university entrance qualification and a high degree of interest in information technology. But even if you have a technically oriented vocational training with several years of professional experience, you can easily start a course at AKAD. It is also possible to study without an Abitur. If you are also well-versed in mathematics and physics, and have basic PC application skills, then the AKAD remote study course "Digital Engineering" is ideal for you.

What do you expect from Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Computer Science?

Find out more Study Letter BA_Technische_Informatik_MCS101 Of the Bachelor's degree program "Digital engineering and applied computer science"On the" foundations of microcomputer systems ". Here you will be taught how a microcomputer system works from the design stage up to the integration of controller systems for controls and controls. They will learn basic concepts and applications of microcomputers, computer arithmetic, codes, the construction of a processor as well as memory and peripheral devices.

In this study letter, AKAD lecturer Prof. Jürgen Plate has prepared the following five topics for you:

  1. basic concepts
  2. computer architectures
  3. Representation of numbers and characters in the microcomputer
  4. Internal construction of a microcomputer
  5. Memory and input / output

Convince yourself: The AKAD Campus with its flexible, individual and efficient Study model makes it easy for you to access all the content of your distance learning program. Because you will learn where and when you want, and arrange your course of study with the best of your individual resources, as required.

Our offer: Test your Bachelor's degree at AKAD University 4 weeks free. By asking On the subject of "professional accompanying studying" is our friendly and qualified AKAD Academic Advising Under the number 0711 81495-400 gladly personally for you there. We are looking forward to your contact!

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