If you want to combine engineering know-how with business-related topics to drive your career forward, the Fernstudium "Industrial Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering"At AKAD University is just the thing for you! Due to the increasing complexity of the economic world, well-trained economic engineers are in high demand. After completing this course, you will be considered as an interdisciplinary expert for integrated management and sustainable solu- tion competence. A responsible position at interfaces in all areas of the company has nothing to prevent with the bachelor's degree "Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen".

Your study set-up

The AKAD University course "Industrial Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering"Consists of seven consecutive semesters. Take advantage of the optional and free preparatory courses in the fields of "Mathematics" and "Physics". Or start directly into the first semester of your wish study - individually according to your needs!

  • Pre-courses (optional) : Here you can improve your math and physics skills. The pre-courses are particularly suitable for those with a vocational qualification without a university entrance qualification. Ask us for information about the best possible development of your knowledge, we advise you flexibly, individually and efficiently to every subject!
  • Semester 1 to 6 : Here you can get comprehensive information about the engineering and business management basic knowledge of the course of studies. You prepare for the desired elective module in the seventh semester. The first scientific work to be compiled in the course of a project report makes you experienced in dealing with technical know-how. At the same time, you train your foreign language skills and key qualifications.
  • Semester 7 : With the knowledge from the previous semesters, you will prepare yourself for a successful Bachelor thesis.

We provide you with state-of-the-art media such as Web Based Trainings (WBT) for your studies. With the study documents, you also receive free valuable software (eg "SIMULINK", "PTC Creo") for your personal applications!

As an ACAD student, you can also take the interesting option of a 3-week study stay in Sacramento: With the California Campus Programme!


  • Technical Sales MKG42 | MKG43
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management LPM62 | LPM63 | LOG06
  • Product development KON25 KON22 | KON40
  • Production PRD41 FTE60


Best prospects with the Bachelor of Business Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering in "industrial engineering"Prepares you intensively for the increasing complexity of the corporate world in middle management. Her studies at AKAD University provide you with solid management skills and personal key qualifications. This undergraduate course is the basis for continuous further education at a university level. In this, you will gain an overview of all the tasks of your later professional practice. They acquire foreign language skills, management skills and up-to-date expertise. You will develop new procedures and techniques through your knowledge from different areas. Your career opportunities are good for all professional, scientific, or professional and interdisciplinary projects. After completing this degree, the additional qualification by a Master's degree course is also open to you.

Semester Overview

semester 1

  • Key qualifications
  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Fundamentals of computer science and programming
  • manufacturing engineering
  • Basic mathematics for engineers

semester 2

  • Supply chain management
  • Materials Science
  • Basic physics for engineers
  • Analysis compact

semester 3

  • Basics of Intercultural Management
  • Basic principles of contract law
  • Accounting compact
  • Principles of machine elements
  • Basics of statistics and strengths

semester 4

  • Personnel management and development
  • Investment and Financing
  • Machine elements and production development process
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Dynamics
  • Statistics for engineers

Semester 5

  • Project and quality management
  • Innovative corporate management
  • project work
  • measurement
  • production planning

Semester 6

  • English for technology
  • Application systems in production companies
  • Practical work
  • Control systems

Semester 7 and Specialization

compulsory module

  • Bachelor thesis

Your choice and deepening possibilities

Engineers as flexible experts with interdisciplinary knowledge are innovative and competent solution experts - the demands of the economy increasingly on skilled workers. Specialize in one of these four selectable areas:

  • Product development : You get to know important methods of product development and practice computer-aided design and design in the laboratory.
  • Production : Here you develop skills for the planning, design and optimization of production plants, you can use know-how in the area of ​​maintenance management and work in the laboratory with computer-assisted manufacturing technology.
  • Supply chain management and logistics : Acquire detailed knowledge in material management and get to know important logistics tools. In the laboratory, you will then put the learned theory into practice.
  • Technical Sales and Marketing : With this specialization you will learn how to use sales methods, carry out needs analyzes and develop strategies for sales and develop solutions for branch-specific market research and marketing tasks.

Your seminar events

Voluntary seminars: Orientation workshop 2 days, technical seminar 15 days, topic seminar 2 days, online tutorial in approx. 10-15 modules à 2 hours

compulsory seminars: Company game 1 day + more online rounds, 5 days laboratory, 2 oral examinations and colloquium

Your Bachelor's degree at AKAD: digital, independent of location and time

AKAD University - the pioneer in digital, location- and time-independent bachelor studies

Arrange your studies according to your individual professional and private situation. Get the most out of your learning type! With the Digital AKAD study model To acquire a bachelor's degree, you succeed flexible, individually and efficient: The AKAD Campus is the central hub for your Bachelor's degree. You can always use your study documents online. Plan exams flexibly and exchange ideas with your fellow students and professors. You would like to know how close you have already got to your bachelor's degree? A look at the AKAD campus is enough! With the AKAD study model as a professional student successfully for the Bachelor degree:

  • Distance Learning : practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study materials. Time- and location-independent. For home and on the road!
  • Distance e-learning : efficient learning through digital learning methods: online exercises, online coaching and web-based training. Keep the content safe!
  • Interactive e-learning : personally through tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students. Additional competences that you can profit from at the same time!
  • Seminars (optional) : complementary to the virtual learning forms. Apply the learned in concrete professional questions immediately!

Admission Requirements

You have a vocational training with several years of professional experience or high school diploma or Technical college? Then you can easily start your studies at AKAD. It is also possible to study without an Abitur. If you are also well-versed in mathematics and physics and have basic PC knowledge and English language skills at level B2, then this course is the right course for you. Obviously, you can refresh your existing knowledge at AKAD deepen.

What do you expect in the Bachelor program in Business Engineering?

​The Study Letter BA_Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen_LPM602 From the Fernstudium "industrial engineering"Introduces you to the depths of material planning under the title" Disposition ". You will learn how large quantities of materials can be appropriately classified. They throw a "look into the future" for the most accurate possible determination of future needs. Optimal inventory planning, even for unexpected peak production, as well as the correct quantity and order logistics at the right time are also on your curriculum.

In the example study letter of your Bachelor's degree in Business Engineering you will get first insights into the content:

  • Material - Concept and classifications
  • needs assessment
  • Adjustment between requirements and stock
  • Order

Convince yourself: The AKAD Campus with its flexible, individual and efficient Study model makes it easy for you to access all the contents of the study letters: you will learn where and when you want, and arrange your course of study with your individual time resources as and when required.

Our offer: Test your Bachelor's degree at AKAD University 4 weeks free. By asking On the subject of "professional accompanying studying" is our friendly and qualified AKAD Academic Advising Under the number 0711 81495-400 gladly personally for you there. We are looking forward to your contact!

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