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With the AKAD course "International Business Communication"The cornerstone for your career as an expert in economic communication. Due to its interdisciplinary character, the Fernstudiengang qualifies you for various professional fields. Examples include: initial and continuing education, company communication, human resources, marketing, PR, translation and interpretation, quality, process and diversity management. As an expert in international economic communication, you are flexible in this and many other areas.

Your study set-up

The AKAD-Fernstudiengang "International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts"Contains three consecutive sections:

  • Pre-courses : updating the language skills (binding only for students without Abitur).
  • Semester 1 to 5 : Here you can apply basic knowledge in the economic, linguistic and cultural sciences and important methods of scientific work. In addition, you acquire valuable key qualifications, a In the areas of communication, text analysis and text production. In addition, you complete a project-related module, which you complete with a practical report.
  • Semester 6 : Here you can select a specific orientation that corresponds to your interests. Prepare individually for your Bachelor's thesis with the hitherto learned skills and focus on your degree.

In order to apply your acquired scientific know-how directly in practice, you complete an internship during your studies (9 weeks, at least 35 attendance days). Alternatively, you can be employed at the same time.

By the way: As an AKAD student, you have the opportunity to study for three weeks in Sacramento: With the California Campus Programme!


  • Personal management PER42
  • Marketing management MKG41
  • Business French FWS02
  • Economic language Spanish SWS02


Perspectives for Active - Distance Learning International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts opens up horizons

Various developments in the global as well as in the national economy require an ever greater understanding of international contexts: the increasing globalization of markets, the associated international orientation of companies and the intertwining of authorities and organizations. Language and communication are of equal importance in successful economic relations as well as sound business management know-how. Special key qualifications such as intercultural competence and management techniques guarantee the success of a company today.

With the conclusion "International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts"As an AKAD graduate, you acquire these skills. In short: the course combines economics, language and cultural sciences as well as key qualifications. As a graduate, you are thus an expert in all areas of intercultural business communication.

Semester Overview

semester 1

  • Key qualifications for study and profession
  • Business communication
  • Economics economics compact
  • Fundamentals of Business Administration
  • Fundamentals of business

semester 2

  • Introduction to communication science
  • German language
  • Project Management
  • English for business and economics
  • marketing management

semester 3

  • Text analysis and text production
  • General translation theory English / German
  • Management of employees
  • Organization and international management
  • Production and material management
  • Human Resource management

semester 4

  • Introduction to information technology
  • Studies of Anglo-Saxon countries
  • Fundamentals of intercultural management
  • English for professional purposes C2
  • European economy

Semester 5

  • Text analysis and text production
  • Translation of general texts English / German
  • project module

Semester 6 and specialization

compulsory module

  • Final examination Bachelor's thesis, oral final examination (colloquium)

Your choice and deepening possibilities

In the sixth semester, you choose your personal personal orientation:

  • Human Resource management
  • marketing management
  • Business French
  • Business Spanish

Your seminar events

Voluntary seminars: Orientation workshop 2 days, technical seminar 14 days, topic seminar 1 day, online tutorial in approx. 10-15 modules of 2 hours each

compulsory seminars: Colloquium

Your Bachelor's degree at AKAD: digital, independent of location and time

AKAD University - the pioneer in digital, location- and time-independent bachelor studies

Arrange your studies according to your individual professional and private situation. Get the most out of your learning type! With the Digital AKAD study model To acquire a bachelor's degree, you succeed flexible, individually and efficient: The AKAD Campus is the central hub for your Bachelor's degree. You can always use your study documents online. Plan exams flexibly and exchange ideas with your fellow students and professors. You would like to know how close you have already got to your bachelor's degree? A look at the AKAD campus is enough! With the AKAD study model as a professional student successfully for the Bachelor degree:

  • Distance Learning : practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study materials. Time- and location-independent. For home and on the road!
  • Distance e-learning : efficient learning through digital learning methods: online exercises, online coaching and web-based training. Keep the content safe!
  • Interactive e-learning : personally through tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students. Additional competences that you can profit from at the same time!
  • Seminars (optional) : complementary to the virtual learning forms. Apply the learned in concrete professional questions immediately!

Admission Requirements

You have a vocational training with several years of professional experience or high school diploma or Technical college? Then you can easily get into the Fernstudium International Business Communication at AKAD. It is also possible to study without an Abitur. At the beginning of the studies, you must prove your level C1 level. If you are not sure what previous knowledge you have, you can make an online test that will be evaluated immediately. You can intensify your English skills with a corresponding preparation course at AKAD.

What exactly is your expectation at the Fernstudium International Business Communication - Bachelor of Arts?

​The Study Letter BA_International_Business_Communication_IKM103 from the Fernstudium "International Business Communication" Addresses specific questions of intercultural communication and intercultural management. After successful processing of the study letter, you can describe, among other things, essential personality traits, which are a prerequisite for a successful foreign dispatch. They learn to define the term "interculture" correctly and how it emerges.

Professor Dr. Dieter Huber gives you an insight into the conditions of intercultural learning processes and methods for the training of intercultural competence in this study letter of your Bachelor's degree "International Business Communication".

The Sample of the study letter includes:

  1. Intercultural communication
  2. Phases (inter) cultural adjustment

Convince yourself: The AKAD Campus with its flexible, individual and efficient Study model makes it easy for you to access all the contents of the study letters: you will learn where and when you want, and arrange your course of study with your individual time resources as and when required.

Our offer: Test your Bachelor's degree at AKAD University 4 weeks free. By asking On the subject of "professional accompanying studying" is our friendly and qualified AKAD Academic Advising Under the number 0711 81495-400 gladly personally for you there. We are looking forward to your contact!

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