Do you want to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese? Sign up for a FREE TRIAL today and our Experts will determine the best level for you based on your current skills and proficiency in Chinese. We offer everything from beginner through advanced level courses.Once you have completed your trial, you get to choose how many classes you would like to purchase. Be sure to check out our private lesson options!


While BRIC’s 1-on-1 lessons provide the most personal attention and freedom to learn at your own pace; our Private group lessons offer the opportunity for families, friends, and colleagues to learn together sharing in the excitement of learning a language and exploring an exotic culture. Our Open Group lessons offer the same opportunity to learn with others while meeting new people with similar interests. Open Group allows for networking opportunities with people already doing business in China.

The decision on how many hours you would like to purchase after your FREE TRIAL is completely up to you.

How it Works

BRIC’s language classes are all online and fully interactive! Individual & group lessons are available. Want your employees to learn Mandarin? We offer the language AND cultural training your team needs to achieve global success! Inquire about our corporate rates. Customized based on the individual needs of each student & includes modern content, cultural sensitivity training plus flexible schedules. Sign up for a FREE Trial, our Language Guides will assess your Mandarin skills & choose the Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) that’s right for you!

Open Group – BLOC 1: Basics & Pinyin

Course Level: Beginner

Classes are every Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm for 8 weeks. Starting at $250.00

Next Class Starts on July 25, 2016

Private Group Mandarin Chinese Course

Course Level: Beginner

This is a course (we can accommodate all levels) for families, friends, colleagues and any group that wants to experience the fun of learning together. If you have groups of 3 or more people that can do a class at the same time we can set a date and time convenient for you to begin to your classes.

Starting at $275.00

BLOC 1: Basics and Pinyin

Course Level: Beginner

Take this if you have never taken Mandarin or may know just a few words. If you have taken Mandarin before this is also a good refresher course. Starting at $400.00

BLOC 2: Listening Comprehension

Course Level: Beginner

Take this if you can already have simple conversations or have passed level 1. Starting at $400.00

BLOC 3: Basic Conversation

Course Level: Beginner

Our language experts will place you in the appropriate level after your evaluation but take this if you can already hold discussions in Chinese or have passed level 2. Starting at $400.00


Course Level: Intermediate

Take this if you’re already somewhat fluent in many conversations but struggle to find the right words in all conversations. Starting at $400.00


Course Level: Intermediate

Take this if you are able to participate in most daily and business conversations, can hold business meetings and are familiar with Chinese business customs. Starting at $400.00


Course Level: Intermediate

Take this if you possess a minimum vocabulary of 2,500 words. Starting at $400.00


Course Level: Business Elite

Take this if you speak Chinese at a high intermediate level but want to develop language skills that will allow you to successfully expand your business in Chinese speaking countries. Starting at $400.00

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