Course: Big Data Analytics - Business Analyst

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Course: Big Data Analytics - Business Analyst

361 Degree Minds

Course: Big Data Analytics - Business Analyst

Career transition to Big Data Analytics:

Are you looking to build a career in Big Data Analytics? Every professional working in the corporate environment must think of their way to the next position. If you are interested in Big Data Analytics then you must retool your skills to be a part of the Big Data space. This industry requires some basic qualities like a strong grounding in mathematics, familiarity with programming languages, understanding the logic of analytical modelling, content knowledge and above all an inherent sense of curiosity. 361DM career transition programs are designed to identify the skills you need to transition to an analytics career. Get trained by industry thought leaders in Big Data Analytics with focus on solving real corporate problems.

Interested in Transformation to Big Data Analytics Career Path?

  • Do you want a role which requires you to derive insights from data? Do you like to find a story in data? 361DM Big Data Analytics course is crafted to identify the skills in you to transform you into Big Data Analytics professional.
  • According to Forbes, Big Data is becoming a movement. Every enterprise is going to take the advantage of Big Data Analytics. According to IDC, the Big Data market is predicted to be worth $46.34 billion by 2018.
  • The global Hadoop market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 59.37% during the period 2016-2020, according to Business Wire. Hadoop, a cost-effective technology is faster than the conventional data analysis tools such as Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

R, the open-source statistical software is used to tackle problems in data analysis. The data analysis is done using statistical concepts and mathematical modelling.

  • With 361DM learn to implement Big Data Analytics to products, operations, marketing and consumer experience problems in industries like in retail, automobile, banking & financial services and healthcare.

The path to Big Data Analytics.What does it take to be ‘The’ professional?

Now, you know why Big Data Analytics is a good career transition. But before you go too far, make sure you have the required skills in you.

  • Are you analytical in nature? Are you a problem solver? Make sure you have the basic quality of thinking analytically. 361DM offers Data Executive course to give you an idea of the skills required for Big Data Analytics.
  • Some professionals try to enter into a new industry when they make the transition into the analytics. This move will reduce the chances of you finding a job. Look for an analyst job in the industry you have experience in. Once you are placed in an analytics role successfully and after gaining experience, you can think of moving to the industry you want to be in.
  • Leaving your current job to make the career transition is not the right option, as finding a new job can take time and adding pressure to you unnecessarily. 361DM training programs offer the convenience of ‘Anytime Anywhere’ & disruptive value proposition to the corporate workforce.

Do you want a career transition to an attractive paycheck?

Big Data Analytics is the answer. In this information age, the technology to store data is increasing exponentially. Every company needs to make decisions from data. These decisions determine a company’s existence.

  • Those who can control access to data, understand data and interpret data will have an edge in the near future, thereby leading to better paychecks.
  • The demand for Big Data Analytics professional is high at the moment. The difficulty in finding the data scientist is growing up from 79% to 83% according to CrowdFlower survey.
  • Companies are willing to shell out big bucks to find a person with adequate knowledge of Big Data skills. Thanks to the shortage of Big Data professionals.
  • With the right mix of technical skills and personal skills, you will be the sought after Big Data professional. 361DM has cutting-edge courses created by industry thought leaders to get you your dream job.

Why 361 Degree Minds?

361 Degree Minds, a premier career building institute led by a team of BITS Alumni with in-depth domain knowledge.

  • Our courses are industry relevant and crafted by Big Data Analytics Industry veteran, Mr. Suresh Krishnaswamy who has developed similar programmes for IIT and Great Lakes. He has worked with companies Like IBM, EDS & Cognizant.
  • 361DM makes you industry ready as the courses focus on three industry-relevant aspects – 1) Technical skills like Hadoop and R 2) a Better understanding of the business requirements 3) Knowledge of Data Science – statistical inference, mathematical modelling, and data visualization.
  • 361DM experts focus on upskilling thereby providing one-on-one assistance to help you identify your target jobs, spruce up your resume and prep for the analytics interview.
  • 361DM offers program variant giving Placement Assurance for select students. Receive constant guidance from our experienced faculty on job applications. For assistance, check your eligibility with a career consultant.

Programme Suggestion

  • Programme Name: Business Analyst
  • Programme designed for: Freshers /Experienced
  • Eligibility: Mcom, Msc- Stats, Maths /MBA
  • Eligibility Process: NA
  • Duration: 212 Hours
  • Fees: 825 USD
  • Installment pattern available (Y/N): Yes
  • Programme Outcome: To provide complete knowledge about Big Data by covering advanced concepts like R, GGPLOT, Line, Bar and Scatter with GGPLOT2 and Text mining.
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