Course: Big Data Analytics - Data Engineer

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Course: Big Data Analytics - Data Engineer

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Course: Big Data Analytics - Data Engineer

Do you want to be the one of the best sought after engineer in the BIG Data Analytics Industry?

You would have probably heard that Big Data and Analytics is one area of technology consisting of skills gaps. What corporate really mean by “skill gap” is that there aren’t enough engineers with the right mix of technical ability, the skill of understanding business requirement and knowledge of data science, the three main ingredients of Big Data Analytics. 361DM has the comprehensive solution for Engineers and make them data-savvy professionals. We train the students depending on the current skills required by the corporate world. Be a part of 361DM. Grab the opportunity and get the right platform to enter the Big Data Analytics Industry.

Do you want to find "Big Picture" on Big Data?

Big Data means Big Opportunities. Big Data analytics sector in India is expected to reach $16 billion industry by 2025.

  • The opportunities for Engineering students in Big Data are vast. Big Data is growing at an unprecedented pace and is sure to offer the students plenty of opportunities to grow towards a secured future.
  • Students who choose to study Big Data Analytics benefit by practicing and developing their critical thinking, management, and communication skills that will be vital to their success in a corporate environment.
  • Without the needed Big Data skills, plenty of jobs go unfilled. Getting certified in Big Data technology like Hadoop, programming with R and SQL, making data sets, etc. Will have a rewarding career and definitely assist the students in getting placed during on campus/ off campus recruitment.
  • Some big companies hiring Big Data professionals in India are Accenture, American Express, Dell, Datamatics, eBay, Evalueserve, Genpact, HP, HSBC, IBM, Wipro, SBI, Infosys, IGate, etc.

Why is Big Data relevant for Engineering students?

Demand for Computer Systems Analysts with big data expertise increased 89.9% in 2015.

  • The data science and big data discipline are strongly connected with IT engineering, business, and applied mathematics.
  • Big Data Analytics is the fastest evolving concept in the IT world now. Students must gain knowledge of this fast-changing technological direction.
  • With ever-increasing size of data sets, there is a requirement for professionals to handle Big Data storage, processing, analysis, visualization, and application issues in both corporate workplaces and research environment.
  • New tools and algorithms are being defined and implemented in the corporate world. Computer students can get familiarised with such tools, algorithms, and platforms to use it in real-time cases.

Want to become a Big Data professional? Do a self-analysis to see if you have what it takes.

Depending on your expertise, your contributions can have an impact at different points in the Big Data lifecycle of the company you get into.

  • Creativity and problem-solving - If you're equipped with a natural desire to know how things work, then you'll always have a job offer waiting somewhere
  • Statistical and quantitative analysis - This skill is the engine for Big Data. If you have a strong mathematical, statistical and analytical skills as well as business strategy thinking, then you have a very bright chance to shine.
  • General purpose programming languages - Engineers having experience in programming applications using general-purpose languages like Java, C etc could give you the edge over other candidates when making the Big Data transition.
  • Storytelling with data - Ability to create a visualization that tells a story through the graphical depiction of statistical information will be a big plus to the data analytics process in organizations looking to make info more understandable to business executives.

Why is 361DM the best in the industry to bring out the Big Data Analytics professional in you?

The instructors of 361 Degree Minds are one of the leading industry experts in Big Data. Gain all the recognized qualification & certifications you need for a genuinely desirable Big Data Analytics career.

  • 361DM provides a platform for learning evolving technologies that industry thought leaders consider being disruptive.
  • Big Data Analytics course has been designed by Mr. Suresh Krishnaswamy, a veteran of the Analytics industry.
  • 361DM has clients like Cognizant, Nokia Siemens, Sandisk, Manhattan Associates.
  • 361 DM has 40,000 learners from 18 countries for various programs
  • By learning Big Data with 361DM, sharpen your core skills in Big Data which are.
  • You will get the opportunity to work with real-world data-sets and projects that prepare them to solve complex problems.
  • 361DM offers program variant giving Placement Assurance for select students. For assistance, check your eligibility with a career consultant.

Programme Suggestion

  • Programme Name: Data Engineer
  • Programme designed for: For Engineering Students - Fresher
  • Eligibility:BE - CS , IT ,ECE / Btech -IT, MCA/M.Sc CS & BSc - CS
  • Eligibility Process: NA
  • Duration: 232 Hours
  • Fees: 720 USD
  • Installment pattern available (Y/N): Yes
  • Programme Outcome: This is an expert level program designed to familiarize the learners with concepts like Mathematics Modelling, Making Data Sets, Hadoop Fundamentals, Hadoop Administration, Hadoop Clusters, Programming with R and SQL.
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