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Programme Description

What are the objectives of this course?

The three bundled courses included in this package helps students gain the skills they need to build their own private Cloud solution and be ready to sit the related Microsoft exams.

The first course, Administering and Deploying System Centre 2012 Configuration Manager, will teach students:

  • How to plan and deploy a single primary site administered by System Centre 2012.
  • Planning and configuring the administrative roles for engineers.
  • How to describe replication and data types and to monitor the replication of data as it passes down the hierarchy.
  • Completing routine maintenance and site monitoring tasks that keep systems running in peak condition.
  • How to migrate objects from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012.
  • Using Configuration Manager 2012 to discover and organise resources.
  • Managing inventory and software packaging, deployment and metering using the supplied tools.
  • Implementing System Centre 2012 Endpoint Protection.
  • Managing the mobile workforce.
  • Configuring Wake On LAN, power management and Remote Control to assist with general technical support.

The second course will help learners to understand the concept of a private cloud with Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Centre 2012:

  • Configuring and optimising Cloud deployments for specific business units and uses.
  • Deploying services and applications that are to be used in the Cloud.
  • How to implement SLAs, dashboards and widgets.
  • Protect any resources stored in the private cloud by using Data Protection Manager.
  • Automating self-service provisioning to simplify management of Cloud resources.
  • Building a problem management system to provide a framework for support, automating the incident creation, remediation and change requests.
  • How to operate and extend service management.
  • Configure application performance monitoring to assist with resource allocation.

Students will then be taught how to build and manage a virtualised server environment in VMware vSphere 5:

  • Installing, configuring and updating VMware ESXi.
  • Deploying, managing and migrating virtual machines to meet business computing requirements.
  • Using vCenter Server to manage resources and scalability.
  • Configuring networking and storage resources.
  • Using Image Builder to create an ESXi image and to template virtual machines to speed deployment.
  • Improving system security by restricting user access to the VMware virtual infrastructure.
  • Using profile-driven storage and Storage DRS to scale storage.

Who is it intended for?

This course is suitable for anyone who is tasked with building or maintaining a virtualised computing environment, or anyone who is looking to learn the skills required to change into a career in Cloud computing.

What marks this course apart?

This course will prepare students for all the relevant examinations, they will also be able to go onto further Cloud and IT study should their development goals demand it. Once you have passed this course you will have the skills to function in roles such as technical architect, cloud services operations manager and technical solution architect.

What happens after requesting information?

Once you have enquired you will be contacted by one of our specialist careers advisors who will be able to provide you with any further information you require.

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