Delve into the criminal mind and be the person who can read clues to catch the culprit with your inside knowledge of criminology

Have you always been fascinated by crime and the people who help catch criminals?
Are you an avid fan of crime series? Do you love working out puzzles? Are you practical and methodical? If the answer’s Yes, then your profile matches that of a criminologist.

There’s a huge demand for your logical mind too! Around 1,197,704 violent crimes were committed in the US and property stolen valued at around $12 billion last year, according to FBI figures. That’s a lot of work for criminal investigators.

It’s a world that fascinates all of us. Around 73.8 million viewers tuned in to CSI in its 15 years on the air. It’s captivating to see them painstakingly go over a crime scene, gather evidence, analyse it and capture perpetrators.

Understanding criminology and profiling provides a backbone to understanding the motivation of criminals and prepares you to catch them before they cause more harm.

This constantly growing field is producing police officers, investigators, and forensics experts who are more adept than ever at tracking down wrongdoers and bringing them to justice.

It’s financially rewarding too. As a crime scenes investigator or forensic science technician, you’ll earn around $57,850 a year while a criminal profiler earns around $63,450.

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll understand their terminology and know why they do what they do. You’ll find the role within criminology that best suits you.

You will be well-equipped to start carving out your rewarding career helping the victims of crime and the wider society.

Whether you want to learn more out of personal curiosity or want a criminology career, this course will help you. Sign up now to start your gripping journey.

What you'll learn

Take your fascination with thrillers and crime scenes to a higher level:

  • join detectives hunting for clues
  • learn to read a crime scene
  • see if a career as a detective or criminal investigator is for you

It takes a true master to get into a killer's mind - this course will take you there.

Get ready for an emotional and mind-blowing experience in every module of our criminology course. You’ll get to:

Think like a criminal:

  • how can they possibly carry out such horrific crimes?
  • why do they behave in such a way?
  • the criminological theories behind what makes someone turn bad
  • famous cases throughout the ages

Put on a detective’s thinking cap to discover:

  • the importance of the crime scene
  • how to find, collect and read clues
  • what autopsies can reveal
  • the fascinating world of criminal profilers
  • ways of punishing criminals

Understand what victims go through

  • are some people more vulnerable than others?
  • what are the rights of victims?

Who is this course for?

Criminologists have an exciting and fulfilling career, one that doesn't involve being stuck behind a desk all day! You get to be active, face new challenges daily and, most importantly, help people.

This criminology course is for everyone who:

  • loves thrillers and wants to understand how criminals are brought to justice
  • enjoys the thrill of solving puzzles
  • is curious about how evidence is gathered to solve crimes
  • is fascinated by how a criminal mind works
  • seeks information about the work of a forensic scientist
  • wants to carve out a career as a criminal profiler
  • is investigating a career as a detective
  • is interested in working within criminology or profiling
  • dreams of writing a best-selling thriller or crime script
  • have an interest in sociology and psychology

How it will help me

Whether your love of crime TV series or novels has whetted your appetite to learn more or you fancy a career catching criminals, this course will help you.

You will learn the criminological theories, correct terminology, and phrases used by real detectives and forensic scientists. You’ll understand what they do and why.

You will gain a fully-rounded understanding of different crimes from

  • before they are committed - by knowing how a criminal thinks and
  • after the deadly deed is done, through the work of the professionals gathering evidence to catch the criminal before he or she can strike again

All IOA courses are accredited and are available for you to study whenever you wish. You can learn at your own pace and, once you’ve successfully completed the course, you can have a certificate to show friends or potential employers how much you have learned. Start delving into the fascinating world of criminology and profiling today!

Career path

A background education in criminology and profiling opens up opportunities for you to work in crime prevention, regardless of the role you would like to play. Whether you want to become a detective and track down culprits, or you want to become a forensics expert who helps the detectives analyse the clues, our online Criminology, and Profiling course will help you on your path.

Even if you have a hectic schedule, our online Criminology and Profiling course are here to bring the education to you. Once you are enrolled in the course, you may work at your own pace, on your own schedule, wherever you want. We give you control over your future and help you make sure that the future is bright.


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. IOA courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


To receive certification, you must:

  • Complete every page of the course
  • Pass the exams with a minimum score of 55% for each (each module includes a test based on key learning objectives in that study topic)

If you meet these criteria your certificate of successful completion will be emailed to you immediately after you finish the course

You will also have the option to order a hard copy certificate directly from ICOES. (

This course is CPD/CE accredited. Our CPD accredited courses count towards the total of CPD hours to submit for your job role. CPD points are accepted and recognized by employers from both the public and private sectors, and academic institutions across the UK and internationally.

Receive your certificate in 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Register: Follow the easy peasy enrollment process

Step 2 - Study: Absorb and remember course content with our easy-to-follow, structured information and helpful illustrations. And yes - you can study anywhere, anytime, from any device

Step 3 - Evaluations: Reinforce your learning with quizzes at the end of each module

Step 4 - Certification: Once you’ve successfully completed your course and passed the exams, you’ll receive your certification. Congratulations on your amazing achievement!

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is crime?
  • What causes crime?
  • Introduction to profiling
  • Why is profiling important?

Module 2: Schools of Thought

  • Classical
  • Positivist
  • Chicago
  • Theories of social structure
  • Symbolic interactionism
  • Individual theories
  • Biosocial theories

Module 3: Types and Levels Of Crime

  • Misdemeanours and felonies
  • Personal crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Inchoate crimes
  • White collar crimes

Module 4: Violent Crimes

  • Murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault

Module 5: Punishment

  • Fines and sanctions
  • Prison
  • Death penalty
  • Parole and probation

Module 6: Forensic Science

  • What is forensics and where did it start?
  • Forensic pathology and autopsies
  • Toxicology
  • Ballistics
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Fingerprints

Module 7: Profilers

  • Criminal profilers – who they are and what they do
  • Howard Teten
  • John E. Douglas
  • Robert Ressler
  • Other notable profilers

Module 8: Phases of Profiling

  • Examination of evidence
  • Classification of evidence
  • Reconstruction
  • Examining the offender’s signature
  • Generating a profile

Module 9: Victimology

  • Victims
  • Consequences of crime for victims
  • Victim proneness
  • Victim facilitation
  • Victim rights

Module 10: Famous Case Studies

  • Jack the Ripper
  • Charles Manson
  • Al Capone
  • Other notable criminal cases

100% authentic student testimonials

Taught me a lot of things I thought I may have known but apparently only knew half. Excellent choice of courses, so simple to start and read at your own pace. Fantastic, highly recommend and will be doing more courses with IOA.

Michelle Gordon - Australia

I love IOA. I have finished many courses and will continue to do so as I have tried other online schools and this one is #1. Modules are easy to comprehend and the exams are not easy, so be sure to study! Good luck on your new journey!

Rosemary Villatoro - United States

IOA had courses on subjects I wanted to study for a reasonable price. I gained knowledge and am able to turn it into an experience.

Alyssa Elmore - United States

I've just finished up Criminology and Profiling. I'm am now about to start Forensic Science. I am so excited I have a way to be a mom and go to school. Thank you

Tina Earl - United States

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