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Senior Course Drink

Study cuisine you will develop your career in the world of cooking

Drink Upper East Course enables you through a full agenda that includes both beginners and advanced kitchen cooking and the presentation of the best cooking techniques, acquire the knowledge necessary to develop a career in the culinary world.

Studying online food acquire professional knowledge of the world of cooking to select the best raw materials, make the best cooking techniques or how to design menus. Along with the practice of the best culinary techniques to make the most of each product and improve the presentation of the same, that's the big difference it can make the upper reaches of Gastronomy.

Learn step by step the secrets of the kitchen, discover your personal touch and learn to promote it. With the Advanced Course in Food You can get a differentiation in the area of ​​the kitchen, becoming a great chef. Study cuisine is now easier.


  • The Introduction to the professional kitchen - Modern kitchen. Preliminary Operations in Modern Kitchen. Meet the Food Processing as: Vegetables, Eggs, Soups, Stews, Rice, Pasta, Vegetables, Seafood, Steaks, etc.. Management and Organization Department cuisine. Study and logistics on menus and cards.
  • Advanced Professional Cookery - Pioneering in gastronomy. The culinary revolution. Advanced Cooking Equipment. New optimization tools. Advanced cooking techniques and conservation. The global pantry. Products, textures and spices. Catering and communities. Production and purchasing management. Research, development and innovation in the kitchen. The food industry and quality standards. Communication and marketing in the kitchen. New management models.
  • New Culinary Techniques - New Tools and Machines. Textures: thickeners, gelling agents and stabilizers. New Cooking Techniques. New ingredients. Cookbook.


With the superior cuisine course you get:

  • Know the basic processes in the management of kitchen tools; and the preliminary operations before the definitive culinary use.
  • Learn the different inputs that can be the start of a menu and set the rules for the writing of menus, design cards, individual dishes, etc..
  • Master the functions and duties, generic and specific, necessary to carry out the direction and management of a kitchen; studying together escandallar processes, cost analysis, and relieve periodic inventories.
  • Meet the new techniques used in professional kitchens to create, develop and transform food
  • New roads delve in gastronomy

Career Opportunities

The Advanced Course in Food is meant for all people who want to make their profession of gastronomy as it is one of the most dynamic sectors.

In this profession is essential to have an academic background in order to access the best gastronomic offers nationally and / or internationally, or to manage and run your own business. You will also have career opportunities as the chef and / or chef.

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