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Mixology Course

Differentiate shaping you as a professional bartender

This course Coctelería, you will prepare professionally in the wide world of cocktails and service, you will learn the ethics of the profession and its secrets, from the preparation and assembly of the bar to give the service, through the knowledge of each of the utensils, drinks, types and ways of combining them.

This course will teach cocktails the most modern techniques for combinations recognized nationally and internationally. Besides having a recipe cocktails indispensable for your training as a bartender.


  • Introduction and history - the punch. First cocktail. Century to century. Families of cocktails for decades. The Seca law. Developments in bars and beverages. Distillation
  • The bar -.'s Bar. The mise-en-place. Service hopping. Coffee. Bars in the world
  • Service station and Glassware -. Necessary elements. The central station. Glassware. The American Bar
  • Types of beverages -. Most consumed Spirits. Distillation. Cognac and armagnac brandyes. Marc and marc spirits. Fruit brandies. Ron, cachaça and tequila. Grain Spirits. Anises. Vermouth. Liquors. Fortified wines. Whisky and bourbon
  • Material and art mix -. Necessary elements. Preparation methods. Skills in processing. Decoration
  • Ingredients - Liquid alcoholics. Spirits distilled from plants. Grain spirit. Others. Nonalcoholic liquid. Solid ingredients. Tasting
  • Recipe cocktail (modern classics) -. Preliminary considerations. No alcohol. Stimulants. Classics. Desktop. Types of alcohols. Shots. Cocktails Index


With Cocktail Course, will get you:

  • Learn the ethics of barman
  • Know the types of spirits and liqueurs
  • Learn the cocktails, classifying them according to the type of beverage used.
  • Know the utensils are used.
  • Learn the processes when preparations (shaker or mixing glass)
  • Know the history, origin and method of production of each beverage
  • Learn glassware used according to each development.

Career Opportunities

The bartending course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve or update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as a barman in pubs, clubs or head bar.

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