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Restaurant Management Course

Specialize in Restaurant Management

The primary objective of this Course Restaurant Management, is to introduce you to the latest trends and strategies in the hospitality sector, through the knowledge of the use of new tools restaurant management, innovative products, technical human, commercial management and financial company.

In the international hospitality field, the emergence of new markets and products, forcing us all to position ourselves at the forefront of the grid for this race for competitiveness, organisation and management of our restaurants and hotels.


  • Management processes and food and beverage area.

Restoring deals. Shopping-commissary-cellar. Restaurant services. Kitchen

  • Purchasing Management.

Purchasing Management. Controls in the area of ​​food and beverages. Facilities and infrastructure. E-Market places. Purchasing management and just in time

  • The economic management of the restoration.

Economic management in the restoration. Retail prices in the Administration restoration applied to catering establishments.

Control store. Personnel costs

  • Banquet.

Satisfaction survey. Turnover. Policy reserves. Planning and installation. Mounting types in different services. Assembling furniture. Seat the guests (based protocol rules). Preparation of menus. Menu layout. Types of assembly. Staff works. Cost of food & drink menus

  • Products V range.

Classification of food ranges. Detailed description of the v range. Traceability (traceability) or product loteado

  • Engineering menu.

Conditions and requirements for the development of a menu. Conditions and requirements for the preparation of a letter. Engineering menu. Foodservice sales statistics. Retail prices. Sales and Billing

  • Other forms of restoration.

Other forms of catering, catering, communities and social restoration. Catering, communities and social restoration


With Restaurant Management Course obtain that:

  • Learn the operation and management of the departments that make up the food and beverage department.
  • You learn to manage our business purchases.
  • Learn as they should be our business facilities to meet the legal requirements on health and hygiene matters.
  • You learn to calculate the costs of production with food and drink and learn to calculate from these costs, the retail prices.
  • Know a banquet management from recruitment to completion of the event.
  • Learn the meaning of V range products.
  • Learn to negotiate to practice when negotiating with suppliers.
  • Know other ways to restore the world.
  • Learn new techniques that are being implemented in these times.
  • Ahondes on the issue of restoration and social communities.

Career Opportunities

The restaurant management course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve and update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a position intermediate or higher level as director of bars, restaurants and shopping. In general, working within the food and beverage department.

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