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New Culinary Techniques Course

Know all about food and how to cook

In less than fifteen years the kitchen has evolved more deeply than in the last two centuries by new culinary techniques. Today, the landscape has changed, and we have realized that the best way to create is to know the essence of food: they know how they are made, how they interact with each other, the components, what happens when they are exposed to cold, heat, pressure, agitation, and many more variables that are subjected constantly to prepare a dish.

New Techniques This course teaches you the necessary Culinary culinary arts, know what does each one of the steps that we follow blindly in a recipe and how to use the characteristics of each food to make the most.

Our years of experience in research of new techniques, we provide a unique wisdom and invites us to experience.


  • Introduction - New ways of gastronomy
  • Kitchen revolution. New chefs - Some history. Names molecular gastronomy
  • New cooking techniques and equipment - Kitchen vacuum. Vacuum impregnation. Criococina. Dry ice. Microfiltration. The innovation of the new kitchen
  • New ingredients in haute cuisine. Molecular cuisine - Origin and use of food additives. Additives in haute cuisine. Enzymes applied to the kitchen. Sprouts
  • Application of the new culinary ingredients. Textures - Emulsifiers. Thickeners. Esperificantes. Gelling. Structuring and aerating Proteins
  • Olive oil. A different path - Introduction to olive oil. Elaborations by technology. Elaborations by goods


With New Culinary Techniques Course obtain that:

  • Meet the new techniques used in professional kitchens to create, develop and transform food.
  • New roads delve in gastronomy.
  • All know and classify other new ingredients; conducting a survey of all its features and reactions at different temperatures and media.
  • Meet new cooking methods that have revolutionized the current landscape of gastronomy.

Career Opportunities

The new cooking techniques course is aimed at foodies in professional, personal, or who wish to start in the culinary world, willing to innovate and learn from the latest techniques in the kitchen. Once the course is completed, you can merge onto a job as a cook, chef, kitchen assistant or head start.

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