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Bakery Course. Fermented doughs

Learn all the preparations of fermented doughs

The course teaches you Bakery ethics of this profession and its secrets, from the preparation and installation of the work area to provide the service, through the knowledge of every one of the utensils, machinery, raw material, furnace temperatures and the latest techniques used by bakers in different preparations recognized nationally and internationally.

You will learn to make bread and you will realize from traditional breads (bread, focaccia, scones ...), traditional fermented doughs, brioches, donuts, croissants, midnights ... and other techniques applied to the world of foodservice bakery.


  • Introduction and history of the bakery -. Immersion in the world of bread and the masses. Bread in history. Symbolism in religion bread. The bread in Spain
  • Tools, machinery and applied to the development of mass technology -. Utensils. Machinery
  • Chemical, nutritional and organoleptic composition of raw materials -. Flours. Other basic ingredients
  • Processes of formation and development of the masses -. Masses Work the baking step. Working the flaky masses. The sourdough natural leaven
  • Sweet doughs fermented -. Croissant. Ensaïmada. Brioche. Donuts. Gugelhupf. Midnights. Stollen. Babà. Biscuits with yeast.
  • Bodies savory bakery -. Traditional breads. Unique breads. Flat breads
  • Bodies of unique Spanish bakery -. Sweets Elaborations. Salted elaborations
  • Trivia, tricks and tips on bread and pastries -. Advice for the masses as a function of climate time. Causes and solutions for other difficulties with the masses. How we make sure that the pieces are well cooked. Tips for storing and freezing of the masses. Bread and health. The bakery does not harm health. Conclusion.


With the baking course get that:

  • Baker know ethics
  • Learn the types of raw materials
  • You handle the utensils that are used in a bakery
  • Learn the processes when preparations
  • Know the history, origin and method of production of each type of bread
  • Know the machinery used in the different preparations.
  • Learn about their fermentation temperature and humidity ranges.

Career Opportunities

The baking course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve and update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as a bakery or baker.

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Sept. 2019
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