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International Pastry Course

Meet the typical recipes of each culture

The blend of cultures has meant that it is increasingly common to find estableciminetos of restuaración featuring desserts from around the world. The international pastry culture is increasingly embedded in our professionals.

The course International Confectionery aims to show the bases of international pastries, from raw materials most used (fruit, sugar, vegetables, cocoa), control of the technical processing and handling (control cooking temperature, textures) to the most compelling presentations and product staging. We are, in short, to a manual that we hope will be useful to all those who want to venture into this difficult but exciting world of international art bakery.


  • History and international confectionery utensils - History of the pastry in the world. Introduction of the bakery. All best used in baking. Essential equipment and utensils in the bakery
  • French pastries - The French cuisine and customs. Introduction of French pastries. History of French pastries. France's leading candy. The most famous cheeses and their characteristics. Some French recipes
  • Italian Bakery - The Italian cuisine and customs. History of Italian cuisine and desserts by region celebrity. Italian cheeses. Sweets, fruits and Italian products
  • Anglo Seafood - Introduction. Different cheeses. Seafood by countries of the UK and Ireland
  • Seafood from Scandinavia - Introduction. Common Ingredients of Scandinavia. Scandinavian Cheese. Different meals a day. Most significant desserts
  • Central European Seafood - Introduction. Switzerland. Germany. Austria. Slovakia. Slovenia. Czech Republic.
  • African and Moroccan pastries - Introduction. Drink Maghreb. Drink of West Africa. Drink in East Africa. Gastronomy in Southern Africa. Moroccan cuisine.
  • South American and Central American Seafood
  • Central. South America - American Seafood
  • North. Canada. Mexico. United States of America
  • Asian and Indian Seafood - South East Asia. China. Japan. India. Lebanon
  • Seafood of Oceania - Oceania. Polynesia


With the International Pastry Course you get:

  • Learn basic pastry preparations of each of the leading international cuisines
  • Know the techniques used in each nation
  • Learn the feed materials of each nation
  • Know the feeding protocol of each nation

Career Opportunities

The International Confectionery course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve and update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as a baker in Confectionery International Specialist.

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