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Pastry Course Salada

Learn all the secrets of this branch of the bakery

The origin of the bakery, as we know it today is in obloiers or wafer producers in the Middle Ages, which were the first bakers as exclusive job. Then as in ancient times (Egypt, Greece, Rome), the pastry was salty: it was working with flour and pastry stuffed with meat or vegetables, which as variation were incorporated them sweet ingredients.

The savory pastry has increased gradually by consumer demands, which at certain times (appetizer, snack, social gatherings ..) prefers specialties such as canapés, snacks, pastries, etc..

During Pastry Salada will display like working with saltwater processing and basic masses which allow current treatment of this branch of the bakery.


  • Introduction to the world of savory pastry - History of savory pastries. Recipes with savory pastry to mealtime. Vocabulary. Ingredients and forms a salt pastry
  • Working tools - Introduction to tools. Kitchenware and machinery
  • Broken Pasta - Introduction to pastry. Recipes. Study of the major ingredients used in the recipes
  • Blanched Bodies - Bodies blanched
  • Bodies of puff - Introduction to puff
  • Liquid Mass - Introduction liquid masses
  • Flat breads - Introduction to the flat breads. Types of flat breads
  • Mass breeze and mass orly - Introduction. Vocabulary
  • Cakes by applying the studied masses - Coca vegetables with prawns. Four cheese pizza with fresh tomato and black olives. Puff pastry stuffed with red peppers and tuna. Doughnuts hake. Tartlets varied. Meat pie. Pasta stuffed with brie shrimp with bacon. Pork tenderloin with prunes, apricots and pate wrapped in puff campaign. Blinis with caviar. Tortilla with cheese and ham
  • Sandwiches - Sliced ​​bread. Gingerbread


In the course of Pastry Salada get that:

  • Learn the basics of pastry savory preparations.
  • Learn the techniques used for each preparation.
  • Conocozcas what raw materials are used in these preparations and how to treat them and work with them.
  • You learn to use the equipment in each of the cases.

Career Opportunities

The savory pastry course is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve and update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as pastry chef specializing in savory pastries.

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