Wedding planner course and protocol

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

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Wedding planner course and protocol

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

Wedding Planner Course and Protocol

Specialize in wedding planning and protocol

With the Wedding Planner Course Protocol and get a broad understanding of the organisation of weddings and small events. Businesses today need to acquire more comprehensive and specific development of many events that arise professional and personal level knowledge from social activities in companies organizing weddings and more private activities.

Acquire a broad knowledge of the protocol provides the versatility and adapt to a multitude of situations they have to face the professionals who manage and organise events.

The Wedding Planner Course and Protocol not only acquire the knowledge of presenting events but also get training related to the world of hospitality focused from gastronomy, catering or wine. Specialize in protocol and wedding planner and become an industry professional.


  • The various social events - The various social events. Wedding: organisation and planning
  • Comprehensive Wedding Organization I - Place where the ceremony celebrating. Venue. Photography. Video. Wedding invitations. Catering
  • Comprehensive organisation Wedding II - Engagement Party. Funding for the wedding. Wedding Lists. The bachelor party. The wedding suits. The entry into the church. The small details of a wedding. Distribution tables. Honeymoon
  • Comprehensive organisation of a Christening - Christening. The customer contact. Christening Gifts. Dressed honoree. Christening Invitations. Baustismo lists. Godparents
  • Comprehensive organisation of the 1st Communion - First Communion. Preparing children before their first communion. Celebration. The church. Photography. Reminders. Invitations for First Communion. Gifts that make the honoree. How to dress the children for First Communion
  • Protocol at weddings, baptisms and communions - Protocol wedding. Protocol on the invitations. Protocol at the ceremony. Protocol on the gown of the bride. Protocol on the groom's suit. Protocol if you wear headdress. Protocol on the wedding list. Protocol bridesmaids blanket. Protocol for civil weddings. Protocol communions. Protocol to baptisms. Protocol for guests
  • Post-event and curious ideas - Post event: assessment and final report. What to do after finishing a wedding. What to do after finishing the baptism and first communion. Original ideas
  • Sales Department -. Types of events that require catering or restoration. Department procedures. Conformation events. Service orders. Check list of an event. Cancellation. Commissions. Billing and collections. Analysis of results of the event.
  • Types of events and protocol -. Types of events that require catering or restoration. Types of tables. Steps in the assembly of a table.
  • Menu Engineering -. Composition of a menu according to the date and event. Advice to the time of making a menu. Quantities / approximate food and beverage servings per guest. Conditions and requirements for the development of a menu. Engineering menu. The engineering menu. Foodservice sales statistics. Retail prices. Sales and billing.
  • Wines, Pairing and Presentation -. Classification of wines. Order of Service wines. Opening wine bottle. Temperature wines. Serve wine. General tips. Pairing. Opening the cavas / champagnes.
  • The Protocol on Restoration Events -. Order place when the guests. Order at the time of serving
  • Other complementary activities at the event -. Ons roll


In the course of protocol Wedding Planer and get that:

  • You become a professional for positions of responsibility in the organisation of social events and the scarce supply specific training at this level.
  • Acquire key skills most needed for a position of responsibility in this area: troubleshooting, work organisation and teamwork.
  • Learn the keys to successfully face this very important day for everyone as a wedding, a first communion or baptism.
  • Notions have the complete planning and execution of the event (from receipt to completion thereof).
  • Know the correct time management and allocation of tasks for a quick resolution of the case, both in the kitchen and living room.

Career Opportunities

The Course Wedding Planer protocol and is aimed at all those who wish to acquire, improve or update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as a wedding planner or coordinator / at social events, in addition to people who are interested in starting your own business of organizing weddings / events.

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