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Introductory course audiovisual technology

If you want to delve into the audiovisual world need to have minimal technical knowledge for you to be able to understand the systems and video equipment, TV and digital cinema as well as the terminology of the filming of movies, dishes, etc ... Online CPA we have just what you need: the Course Introduction to Audiovisual Technology.

Although part of an initiatory level, you will gradually level up to understand how control systems implementation work from the technical point of view, knowing the image acquisition systems, through processing, breeding, and ending with the imaging systems. Upon completion of the course to the online audiovisual technology, you will be a professional in the business, and you have not acquired a practical and entertaining a solid foundation that will allow you to get started in an industry you love.

Creativity's up to you, we will bring the expertise. What do you need to be an expert in audiovisual technology?


  1. Concepts film, video and digital TV systems
  2. Systems and equipment for film, video, TV and Entertainment
  3. Projection systems
  4. Distribution Systems

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Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019

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