Course of film and TV production

Want to be a film producer and television? Take this opportunity! The film industry and television grows daily and the audiovisual sector requires qualified professionals with expertise in film and television production.

With our current production of film and TV, learn the functions of production manager and you become familiar with the production department and its integration with the departments of management, art, photography, sound, editing ... You'll meet all the tasks of the phases preproduction, recording, filming and postproduction. Specialize in film and television production and access to audiovisual sector guarantees. In CPA Online we offer the best training. Take the leap to the big screen!


  1. Introduction to audiovisual production
  2. Audiovisual production equipment (I)
  3. Audiovisual production equipment (II)
  4. Audiovisual production equipment (III)
  5. Audiovisual production equipment (IV)
  6. The pre-production
  7. Filming or recording
  8. The postproduction process
  9. Production of entertainment programs for television and documentaries

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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