Our HND has transferable University Credit Values as follows:

  • 240 UK University Credits
  • 120 EU Credits
  • 64 US Semester Credits
  • Full Qualification in Landscape & Garden Design
  • Equivalent to Foundation/Associate Degree
  • Join professional Garden Design Associations
  • No experience or previous qualifications needed to enrol
  • Full Money-Back Guarantee

Here's what our students have to say

Vicki Sheridan - I had reservations about learning this way but that went the moment I started my first assignment. After only a few months I gained the confidence to start looking for work experience while still working full time in a completely different industry. That's the wonderful thing about this course, you can make the change over gradually even if you are in a different industry altogether. My dream is finally coming true!

Online learning

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A comprehensive Online Landscape & Garden Design Course to train you to be an EXCELLENT Landscape & Garden Designer

This Online Landscape & Garden Design Course is equivalent to a Foundation Degree in Landscape & Garden Design or an Associate Degree in Landscape & Garden Design. It has been purposely created to progress naturally from one level to the next, yet each stage is a complete course in itself...so you can have a career in the Landscape & Garden Design IndustryFAST and Earn while you Learn!

Here's a brief overview of what's covered in Stage 1 of this AMAZING Landscape & Garden Design Course...

  • Garden Style & Design

Good design is intuitive to a certain extent, but to ensure success from the outset you need to understand how the various components work together to create a successful, harmonious landscape and garden design. In this section of the course, you will learn to recognize and recreate a variety of garden styles whatever your personal preferences. You will also learn the vocabulary and industry terminology to communicate confidently with fellow designers, contractors, and architects.

  • Plants, Shrubs & Trees

Even for a trained individual, designing planting schemes can be a complex issue. Planting patterns should be balanced and in proportion, there should be visual interest all year round and plants must also be appropriate for the climate, the soil and individual client’s needs. In this section, you’ll explore the varieties of plants available, evaluate their appropriateness for different scenarios and develop a methodical approach so that you can select plants with confidence!

  • Hard Landscaping Features

Hard landscaping structures will determine the garden layout and set the backdrop for the overall design. They also cost an average of 60% to 70% of the total cost of a landscape and garden design so you simply can’t afford to get it wrong. This section of the course explores the products available and examines the pros and cons so you can create designs that function and last as well as they look.

  • Planning & Prioritising Your Design

If you want to be a successful landscape and garden designer you need to learn how to plan a garden and how it will develop over time, understand how to work with nature (rather than against it) and consider how people will interact with and use the space once the garden design is complete. This section of the course will teach you how to establish priorities, experiment with various options and plan for success.

  • Visual Communication

Great visual communication is a key part of selling your professional Landscape & Garden design services. It’s also vital to ensure that clients and contractors can see your designs the way you envision them and there are no unexpected “surprises”! This section of the course will show you how to create impressive presentations that will help to communicate your ideas effectively and demonstrate your ability as a professional landscape & garden designer.

  • Professional Practice

In this section of the course, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to deal with clients and contractors and to avoid some of the common pitfalls that cost many new designers heartache and expense. You’ll learn about the various documents that are needed and how to manage them without getting bogged down in paperwork – so you can concentrate your time and energy on producing great landscape & garden designs!

After completing Stage 1 of this Landscape & Garden Design Course you will already have an amazing Landscape & Garden Design portfolio!!!

Job opportunities (at that point) include...

  • Landscaping showhomes for builders & property developers
  • Providing garden design services through nurseries and garden centers
  • Larger landscaping design and architectural practices may also have numerous positions available

Stage 2 of this Landscape & Garden Design Course fully prepares you to take on Residential & Commercial Landscape & Garden Design projects...

Remember - this HND in Landscape & Garden Design Styling Course is equivalent to a Foundation Degree in Landscape & Garden Design or an Associate Degree in Landscape & Garden Design. Following is just a brief overview of what's covered in Stage 2...

  • Development of Landscape & Garden Design

It’s a human trait to admire natural beauty but when exactly did we begin to see our outdoor environment as a design platform? What prompted us to begin to create outside spaces for purely aesthetic pleasure? In this section of the course you’ll examine the evolution of landscape & garden design; explore where, when and why different garden styles emerged; and research the movers and shakers of the past, present, and future.

  • Building & Construction for Landscape & Garden Designers

In this section of the course, you will learn the fundamentals of building & construction that are relevant to the landscape and garden designer. You’ll learn how to design steps, boundaries and other structures and ensure they meet safety & building regulations. You’ll also learn how to design and integrate services (such as outdoor lighting, electrics, and drainage) so that end-users get maximum benefit from your outdoor spaces.

  • Design Materials

When you are designing structures (as opposed to merely selecting products) you will have many more opportunities to design with raw materials and incorporate them into your designs. In this section of the course you will examine the main types of materials (such as wood, stone, metals, glass & plastics etc…) and explore how they can be used to their best advantage and to create one-of-a-kind, bespoke landscape and garden designs.

  • Advanced Garden Design Communication

As the scale of your projects become larger, budgets and expectations will also increase proportionately and it becomes even more important to communicate your ideas effectively. Accurate 3D architectural drawings are commonly considered contracts in themselves and in this section of the course, you will learn how to combine them with specifications and other documentation to ensure that contractors execute the job the way you want.

  • Project Management for Landscape & Garden Designers

This section of the course will teach you project management techniques so that you can remain in firm control of any project rather letting the project control you. We’ll also provide you with templates that that been specifically designed for your long-term use to help you manage budgets, work schedules and any changes that take place during the landscape and garden design

  • Advanced Planting Design

It is plants that make a garden and a well-designed planting scheme is integral to the end result. Plants alone can be used to define the style and structural layout of a garden and in this section of the course, you will explore how to develop mixed planting schemes at a variety of scales for residential and commercial sites. You will learn how to use plants as 3-dimensional design elements to make a unique, original statement and design exciting and original gardens.

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