Top Online Diplomas in Graphic Design 2019 in Europe

A diploma can be the first step towards a new career or offer credibility when applying for various positions. Some programs require academic credentials for entry, but many others are available to students who have completed a primary education.

Graphic design focuses on using art and other visual aides to connect, communicate or sell something. Graphic designers may work creating ad campaigns, company logos, web design or other visual content that is then used by companies and businesses.

Diploma Online in Graphic Design in Europe

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National Higher Diploma (HND) in Graphic Design

The Open Design School
Online Part time 24  Open Enrolment France Paris

The graphic design profession has changed considerably. In a discipline related to printing, it includes exciting new possibilities of digital technologies.

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design - CPD Certified & IAO Approved

Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment United Kingdom London

Graphic designing got a significant boost thanks to the development and start of the computer technology era. It used to be hard and time-consuming to create designs previously, but with the help of new found technology, they have become so easy that anyone can get into it. Now to help you in this endeavour to learn graphics design, comes this course to help you to become an expert. This advanced diploma level course is divided into three semesters all of which help you learn about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Initially, you will learn about the different science and concepts of colours like Chroma, Value and Saturation and their differences. You will also learn about the different Photoshop tools, blend models and filters, and rules in Logo Design. Following these, you learn about creating infographics and understand grid theory. Utilizing the newly learnt skills you will be able to create portfolios and unique CVs that stand out. Towards the end of the course, you will find out about branding & packaging, typography, developing ideas and also get some career advice as well to get started in the exciting world of graphic design. Please Note: All the Videos of Live classes are recorded and are included in the course.

Diploma in Graphic Design - CPD & IAO Accredited

Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment United Kingdom London

It has been found that visual communication is vastly more effective than other forms of communication. It is a very stimulating form of communication, especially when paired with vivid colors. Graphic designers have a similar job, where they convey many different subtle messages using their creativity and artistic talents. This Diploma in Graphic Design course will help you learn basic techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustration and In-design in order to build up your confidence and help you start the journey to become a professional. This course will initially give you a background understanding of what graphic design really is, following which you will learn about the principles and elements of design –which are considered the building blocks of graphic designing. You will also discover the different terms, tips, and tools used to pick the best colors. After this is where the whole course starts getting interesting as you start learning to use Photoshop, understand Typography, design logos using illustrator and finally discover more about web designing and printing. This diploma level course is the full package and is ideal for anyone pursuing a career in graphics design.

Certificate Course in Adobe Photoshop - CPD & IAO Accredited

Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment United Kingdom London

This course will help you get a rudimentary idea about using photoshop. You will learn about palettes, layers, color combinations and much more. You will also learn how to use images and about selection techniques. Whether you want to develop paintings or photographs on this software, you will be able to learn them here. You will also be able to make your photos look better, and learn about other features & special effects.

Executive Diploma in Graphics Design & Desktop Publishing

International Career Institute
Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment United Kingdom London

A career in Graphics Design & Desktop Publishing can be very exciting for individuals with an eye for design. It brings technical ability and creative prowess to the fore. Sign up for the course and complete the modules below: