Apollos University’s, Department of Business offers the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) professional program 100% online. The program is designed for students with a master’s degree in business or related field. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program offered by Apollos University was designed to provide the business professional with an advanced knowledge and mastery of the profession. The DBA students gain an insight into professional research and how to best utilize and capitalize on the vast array of business literature available today. The program allows the students to build upon their established professional backgrounds and demonstrate their knowledge of the intellectual and theoretical foundations of management. The DBA is a doctoral professional degree program in which the students master and demonstrate their business leadership expertise. The curriculum is designed in a way in which the students are able to develop an advanced appreciation and knowledge of the tools and processes needed to succeed as a corporate leader within the global business arena. The DBA advances careers by developing strong corporate leaders with a proven background that leverages individual talent and experience. Offered online, the program makes extensive use of business research, case studies, and real-world business situations. The capstone segment of the program is the Doctoral Business Project (dissertation). This project affords the student the opportunity to expand and demonstrate their knowledge within their professional area of expertise. The AU DBA is designed as a 61 credit professional level doctoral degree program. The required doctoral project (dissertation) is part of the core doctoral level courses. The program objectives for the DBA are to provide the student with the knowledge and ability to:

  • Integrate and apply academic theory, business research, and personal professional business knowledge to enhance leadership and professional growth.
  • Synthesize and apply the principles of business research using qualitative and quantitative methods to support informed decision-making.
  • Explain and demonstrate critical thinking and ethical decision making as an organizational leader.
  • Synthesize and apply academic theories to issues and opportunities to promote efficiency and sustained development.
  • Demonstrate practitioner competency as a leader in today’s cross-cultural and/or global business organizations.
  • Analyze and evaluate both internal and external influences having an impact on the organisation’s effectiveness and demonstrate leadership skills fostering and influencing positive policy decisions to take advantage of these influences.
  • Demonstrate management and leadership abilities needed to guide the organisation through the planning, strategic decision-making, and implementation processes.
  • Demonstrate competency in creating and implementing new business models to explain, predict, and improve the performance of organizations.
  • Develop an understanding of the value of continued education in the academic and practical setting.
  • Formulate career advancing knowledge and skills as leaders and practitioners.

Level and Type of Research Required: Doctoral Level Mastery and application of quantitative and qualitative business research methodologies involving real-world case studies and academic research assignments throughout the completion of the core curriculum. Additionally, Doctoral students must complete a dissertation project during which they must perform a significant review of academic literature in a specific field, generate original data using an academic or industry approved data collection instrument, and analyse the original data using statistical analysis techniques.

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