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Electronic music (online)



The course of Electronic music In online mode, has the same subjects taught in the classroom course, except for the practices. This course is based on Ableton Live and Reason, as standard audio work programs.

During the course we will familiarize ourselves with all the tools, to work in depth within the environment of Electronic Music Production. Digital audio (mixing and editing), loop loops, drum machine programming, virtual instruments, synthesizers and special effects.

It explains in an exhaustive way the essential tools in a good production, used for the generation of sounds; Synthesizers and samplers. We will also learn the necessary aspects about the technical process of mixing in a virtual environment, with the aim of achieving the best final quality in the sound balance of a good production.

The production process is complemented by the most fundamental knowledge about musical composition. This section of the course is very useful to be able to develop to the maximum the creativity of the student.



  • Study configuration. Basics of audio / MIDI production and configuration
  • Work stations. Production with loops and audio editing techniques
  • Musical composition. The musical time
  • MIDI sequencing in the DAW and in the rhythm boxes
  • Introduction to Mixing and Using Audio Processors
  • Electronic musical instruments. Synthesizers and samplers
  • Production analysis. Genres and timbres in electronic music
  • Fundamentals of synthesis. Sound physics
  • Musical language. Tonality, melodies, scales and chords
  • MIDI devices for creating melodic and harmonic patterns
  • Mapping and slicing samples in the sampler
  • Structure and parameters in the synthesizer
  • Modulation and MIDI control on the synthesizer
  • Preset Design
  • Production analysis. Arrangements, structures and choice of stamps
  • Digital audio theory and theory
  • Sampling in the studio. Audio Samples and Loops
  • Electronic musical instruments, processors and physical mix
  • Hearing Theory and Mix Basics
  • Audio Processors (EQ, Dynamics, Delay, Reverb, etc.)
  • Production analysis. Mixing, processing and automation
  • Introduction to mastering


  • To be older than 16
  • Apple Mac computer, with Internet connection. Basic computer skills at the user level
  • Software:
    • Ableton Live 9 Version Suite (not provided with course)
    • Reason 8 (not provided with course)
    • Logic X (not provided with course)
  • Minimum hardware requirements according to software manufacturer specifications
  • Google Ghrome or Mozilla Firefox browser
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This course is Online
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2018
Part time
Full time
2,250 EUR
Oct. 1, 2018
Spain - Spain Online
Start date : Oct. 2018
Application deadline Oct. 1, 2018
End date July 31, 2019
Oct. 2018
Spain - Spain Online
Application deadline Oct. 1, 2018
End date July 31, 2019