Expert pastry

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

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Expert pastry

Estudios Superiores Abiertos de Hostelería

Expert Pastry

Get trained in all areas of the bakery and Differentiate

Today is valued more than ever the crafts they know and can give satisfactory answers to the demanding market needs answers. Advances in tech and current methods of preprocessing and storage, are perfectly suited to pastry making "master hands" multiply without losing in the finished product.

With this expert offer comprehensive training from elementary ethics of the profession, developing the ability to adapt to new trends and the use of imagination and innovation as differentiators. Learning that includes knowledge and experience in international classic pastries, combined with the latest techniques in baking, pastry and bakery specialties make this restaurant is highly recommended for all those who want to develop their career in this field option.


  • Pastry - History and art. Installation and specific machinery. Knowledge of raw materials. Bodies bisque. Friable masses. Creams and derivatives. Mousses and families. Fermented doughs. Cold world. Mignardises. Pastry for coeliacs. Cakes. Trends and references. Get dining and links of interest
  • Fermented Bakery and Pasta - Introduction and history of the bakery. Tools, machinery and applied to the development of mass technology. Chemical, nutritional and organoleptic composition of raw materials. Processes of formation and development of the masses. Sweet doughs fermented. Bodies savory bakery. Bodies of unique Spanish bakery. Trivia, tricks and tips on bread and pastries.
  • Salada Pastry - Introduction to the world of savory pastries. Tools. Pastry dough. Bodies scalded. Bodies of puff pastry. Liquid masses. Flatbreads. Mass breeze and orly dough. Cakes applying the studied masses. Emparerados.
  • International Pastry - History and utensils international pastries. French pastries. Italian pastries. Anglo Seafood. Seafood from Scandinavia. Central European Seafood. African and Moroccan pastries. South American and Central American Seafood. American Seafood. Asian and Indian Seafood. The pastry Oceania.
  • Chocolate and Pastry Arts - Study chocolate. Bombonería. Pastry restaurant. Chocolate Confectionery in the workshop. Sugar. Chocolate Arts.


With Expert Pastry obtain that:

  • Integres operational and technical aspects of pastry and baking with precise theoretical knowledge elements.
  • Know and analyse the various basic raw materials used to understand how they react and know how to use making the most performance.
  • You aden in the artistic part, essential facet of a good professional: have artistic sense, Mastering the shapes, colors, drawing, and aesthetic sense.
  • Know the basic savory pastry elaborations ancestors enjoyable way to understand the influence of the pastry kitchen.
  • Knowing the equipment we deal with (large, small) to get the most out of our working
  • Use the systems, standards, procedures and common tools in the area of ​​bakery / pastry for the design and development of menus and culinary offerings, technical specifications of dishes and recipes serving quality objectives and profitability.
  • Meet food hygiene and food preservation.
  • Master the presentation and sale of bakery products.


The Confectionery Expert is aimed at people who want to:

  • Acquire specific preparation for joining a job in a catering company.
  • Improve or update their training in preparation to play a responsible position.
  • Taking professional opportunities as the baker, pastry chef or workshop leader.

Admission requirements

Access to Expert Pastry can be performed by one of two ways:

  • Having a university degree or
  • Have professional experience. In this case, a committee will evaluate the knowledge and experience.
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish
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Start date
Sept. 2019
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Spain - Zaragoza, Aragon
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Zaragoza, Aragon
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