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Expertise in Culinary Technology

Specialize in the foundations, methods, techniques and kitchen systems0 Over the years, science and technology have made culinary flourish modernity in our cuisine.

Our course gourmet culinary technology provides the domain knowledge bases, methods, techniques and systems, complemented by an interesting insight into the Spanish and European culture, its history and customs, for a better understanding of our gastronomic and tourist tradition , now recognized worldwide.

This study Culinary Technology Expert enables you to hold positions of responsibility within a hospitality company.


  • Introduction to Professional Cookery - Introduction to the generalities of the kitchen. Organizational structure and development of kitchen functions. Basic techniques for cooking food. Traditional techniques of food preservation. Preliminary preparation operations genres. Preliminary operations of fish. Preliminary operations seafood. The vegetables and fruits. Mushrooms and fungi. Milk and cheese. The appetizers. Tickets. Legumes, soups and potatoes. Eggs. Rices. The paste. Fish. Seafood and snails. Meats. Hunting and poultry. Herbs, spices and condiments. Funds sauces and garnishes. Analysis of costs and returns. Engineering menu.
  • Advanced Professional Cookery - Pioneering in gastronomy. The culinary revolution. Advanced Cooking Equipment. New optimization tools. Advanced cooking techniques and conservation. The global pantry. Products, textures and spices. Catering and communities. Production and purchasing management. Research, development and innovation in the kitchen. The food industry and quality standards. Communication and marketing in the kitchen. New management models.
  • New Culinary Techniques - New Tools and Machines. Textures: thickeners, gelling agents and stabilizers. New Cooking Techniques. New ingredients. Cookbook.
  • Confectionery - Incorporate Processing and Handling Techniques to achieve different ranges of textures, flavors and colors. Acquire knowledge of presentation and decoration. Optimize Criteria for Making a Carte Desserts. Recognize Different Forms of Production and Conservation in order to improve and expedite costs Operative.


In studies in Culinary Technology Expert to get:

  • Know Spanish cuisine and culture
  • Learn the working methods of the Spanish cuisine
  • Perfect your cooking techniques
  • You obtain the basis for continuing professional development in the future
  • Fomentes ongoing processes and personal renewal in this type of competition and innovation in hospitality companies
  • Ocupes positions, where they direct the various processes involved in the hospitality businesses


The Culinary Technology Expert is aimed at people who want to:

  • Acquire specific preparation for joining a job within a hospitality company.
  • Improve or update their training in preparation to play a responsible position.

Expertise in Culinary Technology is a superior study designed to acquire extensive knowledge themselves and into the world of modern kitchen and toe, acquiring a specific preparation for positions of responsibility, such as chef and / or Executive Chef.

Admission requirements

You can access the study by Expert Culinary Technology one of two ways:

  • Having a university degree or
  • Have professional experience. In this case, a committee will evaluate the knowledge and experience.
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