Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE)

Universidad Isabel I

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Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE)

Universidad Isabel I

The Degree in ADE, Business Administration and Management adequately prepares students as university specialists in the organisation and administration of the company within the professional environment, covering all areas of activity at the international level.

The Degree in ADE studies the management of resources, processes and results to generate wealth and added value.

Since all this should not be born, as was traditional, neither from personal intuition nor from the family experience transmitted generation after generation, our online degree habituated to perform this task from scientific knowledge, professionalization of actions and applied research. It also does so through a methodology based on case studies, that is, the same one used by the best business schools in the world, because it allows to clearly and immediately trace the nexus between what has been learned and its practical application in the world. business

His studies move in the field of social sciences and include mathematical and statistical knowledge.

Their level of employment is 90% in their own field and with a wide range of possibilities.

This online degree is linked to Higher Vocational Training.

As in all the degrees, the Universidad Isabel I offers specific transversal subjects that distinguish our online qualifications and that are at the service of the student. In the first year, Application of ICT to Professional Practice, Professional Communication in English and Professional Communication Techniques; in the second year, Scientific Communication in English, and in the fourth year, Social Values ​​and Professional Deontology.

General objectives

The main objective of the degree lies in the achievement on the part of students of a broad and excellent training in business, fully integrated into the professional activity and with a marked international character.

Universidad Isabel I firmly committed to a program linked to the international world. This multicultural and multinational approach will be reflected mainly by the faculty of qualified teachers, by the invited professors and, above all, by students from all over the world who will undoubtedly enrich an open and cosmopolitan environment.

The Degree will offer in turn the necessary training elements for graduates to create and manage their own business, as well as achieve business growth and the creation of competitive advantages within a company. This management capacity will be approached from a totally practical point of view, making possible the necessary specialization in those fields that require specific training. It is, therefore, a title focused on the most professional side.

As the White Paper points out, the central objective of the degree is to train professionals capable of performing management, advisory and evaluation tasks in productive organizations. These tasks can be developed in the global scope of the organisation or in any of its functional areas: production, human resources, financing, marketing, investment, administration or accounting.

The graduate must know the articulation of the normal development of all these functional areas with the general objectives of the productive unit, of these with the global context of the economy and be able to contribute with its activity to the good functioning and the improvement of results. Specifically, it must know how to identify and anticipate opportunities, assign resources, organise information, select and motivate people, make decisions, achieve proposed objectives and evaluate results.

Professional outings

The graduate in Business Administration and Management is prepared to work in any sector, since their knowledge is applicable and necessary in any body that interacts with markets at any level. Even in the case of a degree with a wide range of applications, there are certain sectors and career paths specific to the degree that maintain continuous selection processes and that constitute the main source of work for ADE graduates.



  • Financial management
  • International Trade
  • Risk analysis
  • Accounting
  • Commercial network

Advice and consultancy

  • Strategic consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Tax and tax advice
  • Audit

Teaching and research

  • Secondary / Baccalaureate
  • Vocational training
  • Training centers
  • University
  • Self-employment: the Degree in ADE provides the ideal type of knowledge for the start-up of new businesses, minimizing risks and dependencies when starting any project model with an economic aspect.

Finally, there are professional opportunities in all sectors, in the following areas:

  • Address
  • Administration
  • Distribution
  • Fiscal and tax
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Commercial
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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Sept. 2019
Spain - Burgos, Castile and León
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