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Universidad Isabel I

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Digital Marketing Master

Universidad Isabel I

The Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at the Universidad Isabel I trains and trains students for the integral management of digital marketing and corporate communication of a company or institution.

Professional Master

It is a professional masters with a duration of 60 ECTS and a very practical academic program, which prepares students for some of the professions with greater demand in the current job market, offering the tools, both theoretical and practical, necessary for design and the implementation of an effective digital marketing plan. It is, therefore, a training that teaches students to execute specific actions without neglecting the strategic part so important to not lose focus on profitability.

This master's degree focuses, fundamentally, on corporate communication and the use of new tools, digital media and social networks, which evolve at a rapid pace in users and business organizations.

Official Master

Increase your level of employability with one of the most demanded degrees by the labour market, valid throughout the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The Master in Digital Marketing is an official title that opens the doors, in the first place, to the professional practice of digital marketing and, secondly, to the research specialization of the doctorate.

Master online

Doing a distance master's degree allows you to combine your studies with your professional and family life, since you can study at your own pace at any time and from anywhere.

Our online methodology and the excellent materials created by our faculty of trained marketing professionals with extensive experience make this master one of the best in the national scene.

Evaluation method

The evaluation method of the Universidad Isabel I allows obtaining 60% of the grade through the continuous assessment activities that are proposed in the classroom, note that you must then complete in the final exam of each subject, from which get the remaining 40% of the note.


The Master's degree in Digital Marketing aims to offer the generic, technological, communicative and didactic training necessary to understand the leading role of marketing and online communication in Web 2.0 and social media and train the student in its management, allowing :

  1. Handle with ease the tools of digital marketing, social networks and multimedia of web 2.0 and the mobile ecosystem.
  2. Understand the origin and evolution of marketing, advertising and online communication in web 2.0 and digital platforms.
  3. To provide the student with scientific criteria and interest in research.
  4. Know the development and development of a digital media plan.
  5. Understand the fundamental principles of the different theories about the marketing strategy, advertising and online communication and the concepts and tools necessary for the implementation of marketing strategies for organizations, products and services in the web 2.0 and the mobile ecosystem.
  6. Solve possible problems during the learning process of each didactic unit, based on the study of marketing and digital communication in web 2.0 and social media.
  7. Analyze advertising and promotional options, through networks and digital tools, of an organisation, product or service through the preparation of a marketing plan, its monitoring and evaluation.
  8. Optimize the possibilities in the design of a web and mobile action and its exploitation.
  9. Learn to effectively position a website to achieve quality traffic from customers, users or interest groups.
  10. Measure and improve the evolution of the relationship with profitable customers.
  11. Capture and retain different customers with different modes of online promotion: email, content syndication, branded content, etc.
  12. Analyze web and mobile traffic statistics and take advantage of them in the consideration of making decisions that improve digital performance and presence.
  13. Create corporate or product profiles in different networks, obtaining professional profitability.
  14. Make known how to sell a product or services through the network.
  15. Satisfactory glimpse of the data extracted from the responses of users who visit a website, in order to obtain an improvement in communication on the Internet.
  16. Master the appropriate mechanisms and adapt to the management of interactive marketing and communication tools in the web 2.0, social media and the mobile ecosystem.
  17. Knowing the different functional areas of the company and the key and strategic marketing decisions and the communication of the companies and the professional profile of the area experts, as well as the community manager in web 2.0 and social media.
  18. Interview the process of marketing, advertising and online communication in web 2.0, social media and the mobile ecosystem.
  19. Understand the details of multimedia communication functions and skills of companies in digital marketing, potential customers, geographical regions and productive sectors on the Internet.
  20. Understand the principles of professional ethics, identify implications of the main actors and design ideal scenarios in the digital scenario.
  21. Identify the functional areas of an organisation in the web 2.0 and the relationship between them.
  22. Organize and skillfully plan projects on websites and mobile and digital social platforms.
  23. Understand adequately the leading role of digital marketing, advertising and online communication in web 2.0 and social media.
  24. Differentiate between the concept of social consumer and the proactive user on the Internet.
  25. Understand and know how to apply the latest trends in the brand-consumer relationship through marketing on mobile devices and new emerging media.

Who is it for?

The Master in Digital Marketing is especially aimed at all university graduates from areas of knowledge related to business, marketing, advertising and / or new technologies.

The most common is that students are formed by graduates or graduates in Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Business Administration and Management, Economics or Computer Engineering.

However, we have a training complement of 50h sostronge marketing and communication for those who come from other areas and have not done any training in these subjects.

Therefore, the Master in Digital Marketing is suitable for all graduates and graduates in general who wish to deepen professionally in the use and development of digital marketing and communication technologies and information society; as well as for all professionals who develop their work in marketing and communication departments of companies and institutions, sector agencies ... and all entrepreneurs who want to start businesses based on the digital environment and need to know the keys and opportunities offered by the Internet .

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Spain - Burgos, Castile and León
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