Master's degree in business administration (MBA)

IMF Business School

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Master's degree in business administration (MBA)

IMF Business School

The Master in Business Management Cela Open Institute with the support of Professional Corporations Empresistas and Administrative Managers Madrid, bringing together more than two thousand professionals dedicated to the advice and management of small and medium enterprises, as well as the Institute Studies of the Cajasol Foundation, a non profit organisation created to detect and address the training needs of Andalusian companies and around which has formed an extensive network of relationships and hoarded a solid working knowledge of the business reality.

These institutions contribute to accredit their monitoring learning outcomes and system reliability evaluation of the Master. But also to resize its connection with the reality of the business and its real problems, as the Master allow students to access their information systems and upgrade their training programs.


Mainly, people with a university degree who seek direct their career towards the direction of companies or organizations

Methodology and Evaluation


This Master of Cela Open Institute (IOC) is provided under online mode. During the duration, the first day of each month start all program materials, so that students can access the study any of the school months. The subjects are studied in succession and never simultaneously, allowing the student to focus attention on a single subject, doing all his work, exercises, readings, video conferencing ... All training activities are carried out under strict control of times dedication as well as a rigorous teacher control, so that all requirements and deadlines are viable.

COI Each student is assigned a personal tutor who will accompany you throughout the duration of the master. Tutors perform functions of technical support and assistance in the development of training activities, are monitoring the teaching schedule and warns deadlines, serves and manages procedures of students to the school secretary, moved consultations teachers ... In this way, the student never feels alone, having at all times a clear interlocutor.


The evaluation of this master is done through:

  • Theoretical activities: Through texts which has 40 self-assessment test questions.
  • Practical activities: Each unit is built around two practical cases, from whose approaches must be resolved in a reasonable manner at least three issues.
  • collaborative activities: Through discussion forums on the virtual campus, raising ideas and conclusions on specific topics.
  • academic work: either individually or collectively.

Likewise, the development of a final dissertation, whose assessment requires a defence before an academic tribunal is necessary. This TFM can be so prepared and submitted online.

Achieving the title of Master is subject to overcoming all work activities and raised, and the Master's Thesis.

Career prospects

Students who pass this master may perform the functions of:

  • Director organizations
  • Asset Manager
  • Controller
  • Brand manager
  • Account executive
  • Product Manager
  • Key Ac Manager
  • Section Head
  • Human resources manager
  • Consultant

Possibility of Practice

IMF Business School, through its website and Employment Practices, offers students the possibility of internships in companies.

Among the companies that IMF maintains educational cooperation agreements for training in jobs, include:


Price and Scholarships

In MFIs offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Additionally, you can choose to Layret Scholarship Programme Foundation
  • Financing up to 10 months without interest or bank intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment by installments without interest
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish
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Start date
Sept. 2019
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4,200 EUR
Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
Start date : Sept. 2019
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Sept. 2019
Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
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