The Master in Strategic Management Family Business is a program that covers the fundamental concepts related to the management and direction of family businesses, and the different processes and tools useful for efficient conduct of these companies.

By articulating pedagogical discussion of theoretical and practical cases, within a space of interaction promoted by teachers and by the use of a Virtual Campus, a person culminating Masters in Strategic Management Family Business will be qualified to: - Develop functions applying Family Business Management skills learned in the course.

  • Understand the particularities of family businesses and manage relationships Company - Family - Property.
  • Suggest ideas and solutions to the problems in family businesses, achieving the sustainability thereof.
  • Know and use the latest tools in the field of management of family businesses.
  • Understand and develop managerial skills necessary for the management of family businesses.
  • Meet other general aspects for the comprehensive management of the family business as the management of the environment, quality and business projects.

Duration, credit structure and degree

The estimated Masters in Strategic Management Family Business duration is 940 hours (94 credits).

Regarding the distribution of the time it is established that: - As a program remotely and not subject to classes, not a specific start date set, so that students can enrol at any time, provided there is places available.

  • By academic or educational reasons has a minimum duration of the program, in exceptional cases (eg validation of subjects) may be six months.
  • The maximum time available for the program is twenty-four months. In this time period, the student must have successfully completed all the activities evaluated, and approved the Final Master Project or Thesis.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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