Mastering Perl Scripting Certification Training


Programme Description

Mastering Perl Scripting Certification Training


Edureka's Mastering Perl Scripting course aims to make you an expert Perl developer and enables you to develop useful applications which are used in the industry very often.

Edureka's Mastering Perl Scripting course will cover concepts like writing Perl scripts, interaction with files, complex data structures, Object Oriented Perl programming, Database interface, Web scraping etc. The audience will also go through important and most widely used Perl libraries like DBI, LWP, Spreadsheet, Data Dumper, Threading, Moose etc.

Course objectives

After completion of the Mastering Perl Scripting Course at Edureka, you should be able to:

  1. Understand and master the Basic and Advanced Concepts of Perl

  2. Master the concepts of file handling and directory handling

  3. Learn to define and use the subroutines, data structures, and functions

  4. Master the concepts of Regular expression in Perl

  5. Learn to write Complex data structure for faster data processing

  6. Learn to create and use the Perl packages for code decomposition paradigm

  7. Learn and Master the Object Oriented Perl and Modern Perl

  8. Learn the installation and use of CPAN modules

  9. Master the web scraping, database interface and multithreading in Perl

  10. Work on a Real Life Project on fetching a data Google finance. Store them in the database for future use.

Who should go for this course?

The following professionals can go for this course :

  1. Software developers

  2. Testing Professionals

  3. System Administrators

  4. Automation developers

  5. Analytics Professionals

  6. ETL developers

  7. Project Managers

  8. Software professional

This course builds a solid foundation for professionals aspiring the skills for Perl development in any domain vertical.


The pre-requisites for this Course include basic programming experience. We cover the object-oriented concept in detail, so prior exposure to these concepts is not mandatory.

Why learn Perl Scripting?

Perl is a sophisticated, general purpose programming language with a rich software development environment. It is platform independent, high level and easy to use, designed to make the difficult jobs easy. It is a portable and scalable language that provides a better structure for large programs than any other computer language. It's simple structure, a clearly defined syntax and relatively few keywords that allows the student to pick up the language in a relatively short period of time.and Debug it easily with its built-in debugger. Perl is one of the three P’s in the LAMP stack. According to ‘Perl is used in virtually 100 percent of the Fortune 500, in a wide range of mission-critical systems’. According to Active Perl, there are 200 Thousand ActivePerl downloads each month.


At the end of your course, you will work on a real-time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a dataset to work. Once you are successfully through with the project (reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate with a performance-based grading.

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Last updated February 15, 2018
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