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Online Masters in Advertising
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Masters In Advertising Design And Innovation In Brand Communication

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona
Online Full time 12  November 2017 Spain Barcelona

With this program you'll be a communicator with an open and creative mind, and get a view of the cross-sectional design. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Advertising. Society as we knew a few years ago no longer exists. The influence of technological progress is so great that no one dares to make long-term predictions about where we are headed. Any race, especially those related to communication and branding requires a constant questioning of its own parameters and rationale. What it was 10 years ago, it is history. What matters is how we adapt our way of working to the constant digital and social progress. Communicators today must understand the deep relationship between technology, personal values ​​and human relations to apply to branding. Otherwise, they will not get generate relevant messages for brands and products. This reflection is born this Masters in Advertising Design and Innovation in brand communication. And also the fact that, fortunately, always a known starting point will be necessary: ​​Creativity. An idea, a story to tell, an App that connects with people, a tweet to mobilize thousands of people. In short, creativity, in its broadest definition, it becomes more than ever the benchmark for any communicator. At the starting point and also the very purpose of brand management. Today communicators must be genuine knowledge sponges. Only becoming aware of the way in which people interact and express decided may arise thoughts, suggestions, ideas, products or relevant actions. It is no longer enough to persuade. Now we have to move. Advertising, like other disciplines of commercial communication, must step forward and evolve at least at the same speed as society. And in this Master we propose to train professionals and prepare them to take charge of this new and exciting environment. GOALS The main objectives of this program are: Living with vertigo. The feeling that you can not control everything has been put in place to stay. Long gone are the campaigns that did not take into account the social component and adapting them in real time depending on consumer reactions. This feeling must be understood and accept it as another parameter. To train professionals with an open and creative mind. To value creativity. Claim it as a lifestyle, a way of thinking, rather than as a tool that can help us to get notoriety at a particular time. Zoom and publicize the latest trends in social behavior. Only deep knowledge of the social and individual behavior, will a take valid decisions. Family structures, consumption patterns, new priorities and needs, more than ever ... are the starting points for marks. Addressing the different types of consumers from an emotional and technologically. A much more humane and sensitive to purchasing motivations and behaviors new perspective. Exercising the ability to generate relevant content through many proposed and supervised by top-level professionals practical exercises. Offer designers and communication professionals a vision of the cross-sectional design. Digital media and physical media to be found in the design and creativity coherence and continuity of messages. Give students a sufficiently broad of new technologies and emerging knowledge, and how they affect the relationship between people and brands. Acquiring the ability to find points of contact that can connect consumers and brands / products. Learning to tell stories around brands that generate sustainable, relevant and return emotional ties. Analyze the role of brands in society from the point of view of the consumer. What is expected of brands and what they have to offer in exchange for a commercial transaction. Understand the purpose of the different social networks and their specific function as a vehicle to convey emotionality and share information. Knowing how to drive the speech of the same brand leveraging the characteristics of each Technical Characteristics. CURRICULUM The Masters in Advertising Design and Innovation in Communication Trademark structure from the following subject areas are integrated into a cross-project developed over 10 subjects: Keep Calm and Be Creative Creativity is not a tool, but a way of understanding the world. Only minds more creative they develop new solutions to recurrent problems arise. This module not only understand the mechanisms of a creative mind, but also the way to bring to the forefront of our lives. We allow addressing creativity from a broader perspective to then implement it in the field of communication, through case studies and exercises. Target: An approach from the excitement and technology How is a housewife in 2015? What about a single? And a teenager? Understanding what motivates them, how they have been immersed in the digital world and how they communicate and interact, they are aspects that this module brings to the table. This course will delve into more consumer groups used in marketing, usually grouped by age and socio-economic level from a perspective that combine the emotional and psychological part with the way we use technology throughout the day looking for solutions. Soul Brands: Brands with soul Already far behind the time when brands launched unidirectionally messages. Today there is no brand that does not have the ultimate purpose of establishing a lasting relationship with its customers from a very human perspective. Contribute something to society, become one more in conversations around issues of concern or illusions that move. A social role that can not be fictitious or to the gallery. Brands must learn to perspire that reality and honesty to connect permanently. Storytelling & Branded Content Why are brands that have nothing to say? Who cares if a factory was opened in 1952? What are some brands crawling on Facebook as late forties in nightclubs? Why a brand of shampoo want me happy Monday? Brands and products must find its own rationale, why they are in this world, beyond selling cookies or sneakers. This module will give the keys to finding the connection points between a brand and a specific audience and make their own history involving the consumer. Technology Never before has technology had gotten much influence in our lives. Recent advances in neuromarketing, the Internet of things, 3D printing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Big Data ... All he does move society from a technological point of view is likely to become a new way to interact with the consumer. This module will review all the technology is exploding right now and presumably will have an important role in the coming years. This is not to become technology experts, but know their potential from the perspective of brands. Social Trends How to buy, things we eat, where we find the couple, the management of our time, the way we move, the relationship with our environment ... everything is changing. This module will discover a reality composed of many small changes as well as delve into the reasons is at the bottom of all these changes move. Design Transversal You might think that a good designer or communicator must be able to synthesize a design or an idea of ​​the scale that is needed at any time, either half page vertical or App, through a TV spot or sweatshirt. This module wants to go a little further. It aims to deepen the visual dimension of the brands to be able to understand how to build brand image through it. How to synthesize the values ​​and purposes of the mark, far beyond the logo or corporate identity. Social media This module explores the role of brands in social networks. And in the role of social networks in the lives of consumers. Each social network has its own language and way of expression. And today is almost more important to know how not to use them otherwise. students will be guided through a tour of the different social networks in order to get a mental map through practical exercises and real examples we reveal the best way to use these social networks with the aim always to establish connections and complicity with our consumers. Mobile Devices human appendages Tablets and smartphones have been established in the pockets and homes around the world and no longer conceive our life without their invaluable help. They have become a revolving door for circulating information and content at a breakneck speed. Everything is taken quickly and without looking back. We understand the dynamics of this relationship and understand the way into the lives of our consumers in a noninvasive way. Master Thesis They propose a project that allows applying the highest number of knowledge acquired during the Masters. The final number of students will determine the format and focus of the project, so that both the teacher and the student is a useful and inspiring tool. The curriculum is divided into four modules. The materials that make up the curriculum are distributed as follows: SUBJECTS ECTS Keep Calm and Be Creative 6 Target: An approach from the excitement and technology 6 Soul Brands: Brands with soul 6 Storytelling & Branded Content 6 Technology 5 Social Trends 5 Design Transversal 6 Social media 6 Mobile devices. human appendages 4 Master Thesis 10 TOTAL ECTS 60 Requirements  Recommended profile This program is aimed at people who have the following profile: Graduates in Design Graduates in Communication and Advertising Fine Arts graduates Graduates in Audiovisual Communication Graduates in Marketing Accredited professionals in the field of design experience, advertising or communications departments of companies with experience creditable academic curriculum and / or portfolio. Creative Directors and Directors of Strategic Planning of Advertising Agencies to feel interest in advertising and communication, having the feeling of being overwhelmed by the constant evolution of communication tools, the digital world and new consumer behavior; and / or they need to be recycled or update their knowledge in a pragmatic and applicable to their projects. In cases where the student proves previous higher education to a process of accreditation of university degree, the Academic Committee will evaluate the candidate's CV and portfolio and completed the curriculum, which must maintain a reasonable equivalence with existing studies degree the same area. Degree People who pass the program evaluation will obtain a double degree: Course at ESdesign - Superior School of Design Barcelona Course at the International University of Valencia, who credited them as professionals in the specialty studied. Career prospects Students who take this program can develop their career in the following areas: Creative departments of advertising agencies. Strategic planning departments agencies or advertisers. Marketing departments and communication enterprises. Accounts departments of advertising agencies. Corporate branding and graphics studios, media agencies. Free-lance professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, startups ... [-]

Online Masters Degree in Advertising & Marketing

Flexible Learning with Falmouth University
Online Part time January 2017 United Kingdom Cornwall

Accelerate your career trajectory within the global advertising and marketing industry. Acquire the skills to operate seamlessly within the world of advertising and marketing. [+]

Course Overview The course structure is designed to enable you to undertake a comprehensive, searching, in depth examination of advertising practice. One of the course’s key features is to take you not only through the rigorous and demanding stages of research, strategy and planning procedures, but to expose you to the functions and processes of the creative department. Giving you a full overview of advertising practice and a key insight into the creative process. The course comes from the School of Communication Design within Falmouth University; synonymous with excellent teaching, fuelled by industry contacts and recognised for having an international alumni body. Level: 7 Duration: 2 years Mode of study: Flexible learning Who is this course for? This international-facing course delivers not only knowledge, but enhances career opportunities through extended networks, in an industry where being connected is essential. The flexible mode of delivery will enable you to continue your work, while developing new skills directly related to your current role, or to enhance your employability. This course is suitable for applicants who may be: Working in a marketing or brand manager role who want to have a greater insight into advertising, agency functions, the creative process, how to deliver a brief, evaluate creative concepts and understand contemporary media channels Working within an advertising agency in a junior capacity who are looking to enhance their job performance and accelerate their career path Individuals with experience or aspirations in the creative departments of advertising agencies Individuals who are currently working within broad marketing roles (client side) who wish to establish a change in career path and seek employment in advertising (agency side) Course content You will need to complete four 30-credit modules and one 60-credit project (180 credits in total). Principles of marketing & brand strategy 30 credits Communication strategy & creative development 30 credits Media strategy & channels 30 credits Agency practice & management 30 credits Major project 60 credits Assessments Written assignments(no examinations) Combination of visual, verbal and written works, tailored specifically to each module e.g. essays, briefs, marketing plans, individual reports, collaborative presentations and advertising campaigns How you study You may choose to: Study entirely online without attending any face-to-face workshops. Study online and attend optional residential workshops, held biannually at various locations such as the UK, Asia or the Middle East. A typical workshop will start on Friday and end on Monday. Falmouth will aim to provide information regarding these residential opportunities around 4 months in advance so that you have plenty of time to arrange attendance. Learning activities There will be guided learning activities consisting of: Concise online presentations to introduce key concepts Small group and class discussions and crits to facilitate interaction and dialogue Online critiques to test assumptions, ideas and to receive feedback from peers and tutors Individual and group tutorials throughout the course Independent study Self-evaluation and peer feedback Financing your studies You can take advantage of: Falmouth Flexible Scholarship: Maximum £3,300 per eligible student Alumni discount (15% to Falmouth alumni) Please check application deadlines for scholarships. For more information about these scholarships and other financial assistance, please call us on +44 (0)1223 447713. How to apply Full details of how to apply can be found on our website Submit a copy of your first degree certificate or Level 6 equivalent qualification and your IELTS/TOEFL certificate if English is not your first language Submit a description of your experience, motivations for studying the course, how you believe it will develop your career and aspirations. All applications are considered on an individual basis. Invitations for online interviews may be made on an evaluation of your application. Late applications may be considered if places are available. Please contact us for FREE advice. Call 0800 5999123 or +44 (0)1223 447713 [-]

Master Européen de Management et Stratégies Publicitaires

Online Full time Part time Open Enrolment France France Online Belgium Belgium Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Luxembourg Luxembourg Online Lebanon Lebanon Online Martinique (Fr.) Martinique Online Reunion (Fr.) Reunion Online Guadeloupe (Fr.) Guadeloupe Online Mauritius Mauritius Online Canada Canada Online Algeria Algeria Online Tunisia Tunisia Online Morocco Morocco Online French Guiana French Guiana Online French Polynesia French Polynesia Online + 29 more

Vous apprendrez à adapter une stratégie aux problématiques des marques (forte compétition sur le domaine de la créativité et visibilité sur le net), à répondre aux exigences des marchés et de la société actuelle. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Advertising. Vous apprendrez à adapter une stratégie aux problématiques des marques (forte compétition sur le domaine de la créativité et visibilité sur le net), à répondre aux exigences des marchés et de la société actuelle. Votre Profil Faculté d’écoute, de dialogue et de contact, sensibilité de l’univers numérique, maitrise des réseaux sociaux,créatif et persuasif. Acquérir les compétences suivantes : Identifier les stratégies hors média complémentaires Effectuer un choix parmi les techniques hors média Etablir un média planning Savoir programmer des investissements publicitaires Maîtriser les différentes étapes de la chaîne graphique Savoir sélectionner une agence de production audiovisuelle Elaborer une stratégie de communication Maîtriser les différents types de communication Connaissance de l’aspect juridique lié aux métiers de la communication Savoir protéger une identité numérique Concevoir une stratégie numérique Piloter un projet en faisant intervenir plusieurs acteurs du Web Publicitaires et Communication Numérique – Master I UC A4/5 – Les entreprises, la concurrence et l’Europe : UC B4 – Langue Vivante Européenne UC D41.1 – Culture générale du marketing et de la communication UC D41.2 – Environnement de la publicité, du média et du hors média Publicité Droit Gestion financière des projets Analyse sémiologique de la communication publicitaire Fabrication Production audiovisuelle UC D42 – Mission ou Projet Professionnel : Mission : Stage en entreprise ou emploi salarié. Publicitaires et Communication Numérique – Master II UC B5 – Langue Vivante Européenne : UC D51 – Stratégies de communication Stratégie globale de l’entreprise Cadre juridique de la communication UC D52 – Communication numérique Gestion éditoriale du site web et communication internet Modules transversaux UCD 53 – Thèse professionnelle Stage Une période de stage d’une durée de 6 à 12 semaines est réalisable, mais non obligatoire. Les candidats n’ayant pas la possibilité d'accomplir un stage en entreprise peuvent appuyer leur mémoire sur des travaux théoriques. Dans ce cas, le projet de mémoire est à déterminé avec votre professeur référent. [-]

Professional Master's Degree In Business Management, Marketing And Advertising

INEAF Business School
Online Part time 750  Open Enrolment Spain Spain Online

A globalized market, e-commerce and empowerment through marketing to position themselves in the market, becomes an opportunity in which good training in this field can make a difference. Therefore, this Master in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising, will create the profile worker or entrepreneur who requires this market ... [+]

A globalized market, e-commerce and empowerment through marketing to position themselves in the market, becomes an opportunity in which good training in this field can make a difference. Therefore, this Master in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising, will create the profile worker or employer required by this market. GOALS The student who pursue this Master, will have the knowledge to develop strategies and marketing policies taking into account all associated with the sale of products and services that allow them to increase sales of your business, or business factors for working or go to work, so that the client receives from first contact through the buying process and ending after-sales service, the highest quality possible. The primary objective is to acquire managerial and leadership for the management of human and digital resources to manage marketing campaigns excellent skills. The e-commerce and digital marketing will be key pieces that the student will get master. Professional practices Are you looking for placements? You want to be competitive / a in the labor market and ensure your professional success? The completion of this Professional Master in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising This will allow internships in companies with a maximum duration of 6 months. INEAF allows you to do internships in companies quickly and efficiently. Boost your career working in companies of great national and international projection. If you need to gain experience in your industry you can find the opportunity you are looking for. INEAF opens the door to your future career. Who should attend This master is a versatile public, since its complexity is in the degree of utilization of who attends, and not on the level of knowledge. Student creativity is very important. Any person, whether licensed or that this ending any college career, or employee of any company in departments such as human resources, business, or any business that wants to boost your business, you can take this master in order to acquire all possible tools to sell more and better offering quality communication, distribution and management and commercial management itself. The most common profile is the one that is associated with areas of knowledge such as business, economics, management, marketing techniques, human resource management, or even right, but the versatility in its application allows anyone to benefit from this knowledge. What you up This Master consists of a set of training modules covering all areas of knowledge of Marketing for the management and direction including the latest developments and trends in the current Digital Marketing so present in the global e-commerce as a key piece of marketing products and services. We equip students with knowledge in business management models and human resources for management focused marketing campaigns. They are able to analyze the key elements of advertising and communication. We provide students with the key tools for analysis and study of markets to develop marketing strategies. We also give students knowledge about the legal framework that fits the possible actions of marketing digital marketing especially in e-commerce. You know analyze marketing strategies at international level, and students will acquire knowledge of patents and trademarks as a representation of a product or service as an asset in marketing. In addition, international trade where English is the language used for communication, prepare the student perfected his English in terms, conversations and situations that most will be in their day day. Description of Methodology Our method of study is based on the integration of formative factors and the use of new technologies. Our team has set itself the objective of integrating both areas so that our students interact with a VIRTUAL CAMPUS agile and easy to use. A platform designed to facilitate the study, where students get all the necessary support. Our methodology of online learning, fully oriented practice is designed so that students progress through the educational units of the different modules and perform the tasks (Practical activities, questionnaires, case records and assumptions reflection) that he will proposing along the learning path. At the end of their training activity, students will be able to transform academic knowledge in professional knowledge. Evaluation system INEAF training actions are structured in modules, consisting of teaching units, practical activities, seminars, forums and conferences, among others. Each module will be assessed separately according to the results of mandatory and optional tests proposals and valuations tutor. To overcome the various modules students will have to achieve a minimum level of understanding of the theoretical contents and implementing them in practical activities and in our "Supercaso". Resources (Platform Online 3.0, printed material, ...) In our quest to adapt learning philosophy 3.0 and encourage the use of new technological resources in the company, we have developed a Virtual Campus (Online Training Platform 3.0) exclusive art with a functional and innovative design. Among the tools available you will find: tutoring service, chat, messaging and virtual study tools (examples, practical activities -of calculation, reflection, development, etc., video examples and video tutorials plus "supercasos", covering modules complete and offer the students an overview on specific matters). The students will have unlimited access to the contents printed manuals in addition with the theoretical contents of each module, which will serve as support to complete their training. [-]

European Master Communication, Specialty Advertising Strategies And Digital Communication

Online Open Enrolment France France Online Belgium Belgium Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Luxembourg Luxembourg Online Canada Canada Online Lebanon Lebanon Online French Guiana French Guiana Online Guadeloupe (Fr.) Guadeloupe Online Martinique (Fr.) Martinique Online Reunion (Fr.) Reunion Online Mauritius Mauritius Online French Polynesia French Polynesia Online Morocco Morocco Online Tunisia Tunisia Online Algeria Algeria Online Democratic Republic of Congo Congo DRC (Zaire) Online Congo Congo ROC (Brazzaville) Online Niger Niger Online Senegal Senegal Online Côte d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire Online + 37 more

European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) - an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma validated by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) is an American accreditation body. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Advertising. TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Measure knowledge and skills to understand Europe Master the basic marketing, communication and advertising Understanding the Law of the brand, companies and consumers Grasp the overall communication strategy and its legal framework Deepening web communication and new media A JOB on line advertising manager Responsible keywords Editorial Project Manager editorial Webmaster Head of Internet project Advertising manager Traffic manager strategic planner, webplanner Head of multimedia product Responsible partenariatResponsable cross media editorial manager SYLLABUS Internships: Internship or mission in company 6 to 12 weeks in the first year and 12 weeks in 2nd year Or Alternation (contact us) Living language : 1 mandatory language 1 additional language option Specialty : Advertising Strategies and Digital Communication USEFUL INFORMATION Conditions of admission: Level II (bac + 3) 180 credits on record reviews: Several sessions per year organized in centers FEDE partners (France and worldwide) Output level: Bac +5 information Diploma : European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) - an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma validated by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) is an American accreditation body. [-]

Master in Creativity and Advertising Strategy Online (in Spanish)

ESERP Business School
Online Full time June 2017 Spain Madrid

The educational content of the Masters is adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, offering 60 ECTS, which is ensured a constant effort to improve management skills and optimal development [+]

The educational content of the Masters is adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, offering 60 ECTS, which is ensured a constant effort to improve management skills and optimal development of attitudes. All our Masters online are based on an interactive platform in which students can not only find and upload information on the subjects of study but also be able to communicate with their teachers or other students. Students will have a tutor who is responsible for monitoring their progress throughout the course and it will solve the issues related to the use of the platform. In addition to all in the Masters online are not neglected professional skills that through multimedia resources can use interactive practice. Admission requirements Must meet and certify one of the following requirements: University degree Spanish or EU students must submit a photocopy of the official university seal University original source, or a notarized photocopy of the original degree. In the event that your degree is being processed, provisionally may submit an original certificate of completion of studies and academic record your qualifications, both documents signed and sealed by the educational institution. In the event that the title is issued in a language other than Spanish, English, Portuguese or French, must present a certified translation into Spanish duly notarized. EU students will must present a photocopy of the degree to which they have applied previously Apostille (seal is stamped in the consulate or embassy own Spanish) legal stamp or equivalent, in the event that your country does not subscribe to Hague Convention (will inform the University where they studied). 3 years of professional experience In the case of having no university degree required, ESERP can enroll in Masters programs if it is established at least 3 years of professional experience, by submitting a Certificate made ​​by the Company and signed by the relevant Manager (and sealed by Company), stating the period in which work was performed and a brief description of their functions. The student may submit multiple certificates from different companies provided the total compute a minimum of 3 years experience. All certificates must be original. [-]