Online Master's Degree in Public Management

Best Online Masters in Public Management 2018

Public Management

A master’s program is a focused degree that requires about two years of classwork, research, and possibly a thesis paper to earn. This advanced program of study allows students to further specialize their schooling in an area that interests them.

Public management is an area of business operations that combines general market management, public policy, philanthropy, negotiation and economics, among related areas. Public managers typically hold academic degrees and work in either nonprofit or governmental organizations.

Online Master's Degree in Public Management

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Official University Master's Degree: High Public Management (UIMP)

Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset
Online Full time Part time October 2018 Spain Madrid + 1 more

The Master's Degree in Public Top Management is designed to provide a training for action (policy applied), to public managers. The contents of the academic plan enhance values, knowledge and skills of the participants to act effectively in: The management of the public sector, particularly in the areas of public policy, human resources, budgeting and economic-financial management . The decision making and the resolution of problems in the formulation, implementation and evaluation processes of public policies and programs. Strategic planning, organizational design and public marketing. [+]

The Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset develops this master's degree in its School of Politics and High Government, Governance .

A plural and independent space to share experiences, acquire new knowledge and develop the capacities that governments and public administrations need to be transparent and efficient in their management.

Basic information

Official Qualification granted by the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), in collaboration with the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset ./>

Directors: Dr. Manuel Villoria Mendieta and Dr. Isabel Bazaga Fernández

Academic Council: Dr. Javier Zamora Bonilla, Dr. Jesús Ruiz-Huerta, Dr. Manuel Tamayo, Mr. Fernando Vallespín Oña, Dr. Manuel Villoria and Dr. Isabel Bazaga Fernández... [-]

Master In Public Management (online) (PGMs-v)

Tecnológico de Monterrey
Online Full time Part time September 2018 Mexico Morelia, Michoacan + 1 more

The program created with the aim of promoting the professionalization of civil servants at different levels of government in Mexico and other Latin American countries. [+]



The program created with the aim of promoting the professionalization of civil servants at different levels of government in Mexico and other Latin American countries. As a result of political transformation processes taking place in Mexico and several countries, it requires highly trained civil servants and a deep ethical sense for effective governance.

To ensure the effectiveness and legitimacy of governance, it should be strengthened through a methodological and instrumental ensemble that empowers civil servants advanced tools and knowledge to promote better governance.


To train leaders to exercise local governance with a high sense of ethics and standards of excellence.... [-]

Master's Degree In Integrated Management: Prevention, Environment And Quality

Universidad Europea Del Atlántico
Campus Full time Part time 18 - 24  September 2018 Spain Santander + 1 more

In the Master in Integrated Management: Prevention, Environment and Quality merge the fields of innovation and knowledge management in order to form integrally a specialist in Integrated Management. [+]

In the portfolio of students in most national and international education systems they have traditionally omitted concepts of quality in the design of products and services, referrals or other environmental type concerning occupational safety and health.

In this sense, training is essential to initiate long-term incorporating integrated in the economic and / or productive activities management strategic planning actions. Consequently, the study of a postgraduate degree in integrated management provides considerable added value for many jobs. So much so that today has almost become a requirement increasingly demanded by employers.

No doubt because of the need for professionals who know and implement management systems based on internationally recognized standards within their companies. This knowledge is necessary and essential for optimizing existing resources, in order to gain competitive advantages in the company and a positive result in the community in which it is immersed. In this regard, an integrated management system must be based on a holistic model that incorporates environmental, social, ethical, economic and production and / or service delivery criteria.... [-]