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Make effective eLearning training organizations; higher education and secondary education.

The program Micromasters on "e-Learning: create activities and content for virtual learning" it is based on the latest research in the field of Information Technology - communication technologies (ICT) and its application to learning theories.

Our courses are based on that you can create virtually any type of content e-Learning professional manner, using the latest in educational technology and adding interactive elements to transform traditional training projects in courses effective and innovative virtual learning.

Thanks to our educational modality can receive your classes at any time and share your questions and knowledge with our community, in addition to this get academic credits to support your knowledge, skills and abilities in educational technologies that will give you the opportunity to qualify for the Masters in direction and Production of e-Learning is offered in virtual mode in Galileo University (pioneer in Latin America in virtual education) Sign up now and in just 21 weeks will know everything about the new educational technologies and techniques to design and develop materials effective that allow you to e-learning (e-learning) eligible for job offers. Do not wait any longer and start creating interactive virtual courses that capture the attention of your students.

Students who obtain the credential Micromasters can apply for admission to the virtual Master in Management and Production in e-Learning and validation of the program courses Micromasters for 6 courses the first year of the virtual Master totaling 18 academic credits, and correspond to 50% of total loans in the first year.

Job Outlook

  • Differentiate a traditional teacher developing innovative learning resources.
  • Get the necessary skills to qualify for jobs related to project management e-learning, examples: technology consultant for education or training area coordinator.
  • Position yourself in a labour market with high demand for professionals with experience in creating multimedia, design, development and implementation of training processes using technology.
  • Provide advice to e-learning.
  • Micromasters this program lets you work in various roles virtual learning process, such as tutoring, technology consultant, developer of multimedia resources, and teacher for a MOOC.

What you'll learn:

  • E-Learning design innovative experiences supported and enriched by the use of technology, focusing on student learning process.
  • Design and produce e-learning resources professionally.
  • Using web 2.0 tools to create online courses and different methods and techniques for introducing these resources in your training e-Learning.
  • Create your own interactive multimedia resources to support the process of training or virtual training in educational institutions or companies.
  • Use the techniques and tools of rapid content creation (Rapid Learning) industry-leading production of digital educational content.
  • Apply the use of innovative educational technologies in learning and training contexts, to create resources and content to support classes.

Details Micromasters program

To obtain the certificate Micromasters
You must approve and obtain a certificate verified each course that integrates this program Micromasters.

Utliza their credentials to reach the next level
Take your professional development to the next level; credit for academic credits obtained in the program Micromasters "e-Learning: create activities and content for virtual education" and continue your studies with the Master in Management and Production in e-Learning taught in mode 100% virtual Galileo University.

Thanks to the courses that make up the curriculum of this Master (Equivalent to 18 credits Academic) students who passed 3 courses program Micromasters are admitted to our academic program without taking the admission test and continue their online training from the second half.


  • Learning and Virtual Learning
    Design meaningful learning experiences oriented virtual learning environments.
  • Emerging Web Technologies for Virtual Teaching
    Meet new technologies e-Learning and web 2.0 tools focused on improving the experience of virtual learning.
  • Design and Multimedia Resource Development for Virtual Learning
    Create a simple and easy your own multimedia resources and interactive learning for successful e-learning form.
  • Final project, "e-Learning"
    The project challenges students intellectually and allows to demonstrate the skills and competences acquired.
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Jan. 2020
12 - 24 
800 USD
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Jan. 2020
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Jan. 2020

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