What is Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)?

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a post-graduate degree offered by a business school or business faculty at a university. DBA programs are research-based and equip candidates with the skills they will need to succeed in a career in academia or high-level business consulting.

Why choose Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)?

DBA candidates aim to make a direct contribution to modern business practices. By applying theory to real business problems, DBA students use their dissertation to introduce new ideas to the field of Business Administration. The program based on practical understandings and an independent research can effectively complete the theoretical knowledge of the learners.

Online DBA programs

Alfred Nobel Open Business School aims to satisfy the needs of its learners during the BSc and MSc programs and during the DBA courses as well. Based on full time and online education the learners can participate in courses, as suitable to them. DBA online programs make it possible for students to work toward a DBA degree anytime, anywhere. At the end of the course a conference, a symposium will be organized, where the degree thesis defence can be held. The standards of the certificate are provided by American certification body – World Certification Institute (WCI)

Who to choose DBA?

DBA programs give prospective students the chance to pursue a post-graduate degree in business administration while working around a busy schedule. The topic of the dissertation is the research area of the learner, the one he/she knows the best, so it provides a perfect addition to the actual activities of the learner. The program consists of six semesters, but the course can be shortened by the prior preparation of the dissertation, as it is more comfortable to the learner.

This system is favorable to the learners outside of the European Union because the long and difficult visa procedure and the residence permit are not needed for the course. The thesis defence is possible with the general entry permit (visa for tourists).

Educational Objectives

The DBA course is a generalist programme, which consists of all main areas of business. The course has been designed to develop graduates who are able to evolve professional approach of a business life cycle and development, who are able to apply decision-making techniques, to work in an international business environment and who are able to manage the human resources and the general activities of organizations and companies. The course focuses on the development of the careers of the learners, it supports the posture of the learners in manager positions.

Achievable Competences

  • Due to the practical and professional orientation of the curriculum, the learners will not only hold and acquire the learning outcomes, they will be able to work individually, to make decisions and to think on a larger scale,
  • the learners will be able to use their basic knowledge in practical situations, they will be able to plan, organise and manage work processes in national or international business environments, and they will be able to manage people or groups,
  • the learners will be able to manage business processes, they will be able to analyse, to report, to evaluate and they will be able to work individually or in groups,
  • the learners will be able to recognize business problems and to make decisions, to gain and analyse information in order to solve them,
  • the learners will be able to recognize and solve strategic issues,
  • the learners will know the operation and development processes, the rules and communication practices of business life,
  • the learners will be aware of the literature, the will be able to use their knowledge in practical situations.

Entry Requirements

  • A master degree in any study fields (minimum bachelor degree of Economic Studies) and
  • minimum 5 years professional experience and
  • English language knowledge at minimum intermediate level (B2).

The program

The DBA course is divided into two main phases, where 240 credits can be gained in total.

During the first phase, the following online modules will be accomplished by the learners:

  • Research Methodology
  • Management Economics
  • Marketing Management for Managers
  • Management Information and Supporting Decision-making Methods
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Strategic- and Changing Management
  • Corporate Finance for Managers
  • Controlling for Managers
  • Entrepreneurship Funds and Monetary Markets
  • Organizing and Management Transnational Companies
  • Business Aspects of Regional Development
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Value Creating Processes
  • Management Competence Development
  • Strategic Case Studies
  • Conference Strategies
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