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Virtual Classroom Arabista Virtual Classroom is tailor-made to deliver live classes, meetings, webinars, and conferences to an audience anywhere! Online Courses platform Arabista is the best way to selling English courses that put you in the driver’s seat. Online Testing Course After finishing a course you can get fully online Testing knowledge, it’s easy-to-use way to measure, analyse, and view results.


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  • 400 Courses

THE ULTIMATE FOR YOUR STUDENT Arabista is a leading company in the field of education and entrepreneurship which has several projects in addition to its expertise in processing computer labs in government and education Computer and Language Programs English for school students, and take pride in Arabista we are one of the first who provided English language learning service via virtual classrooms in Saudi Arabia, flying from the concept that education is a right for all and should be able to all qualified students have access to proper education, which aspires to everyone, so we seek to build partnerships with institutions and universities, prestigious educational order to offer open learning and distance education for students who wish to supplement the academic and scientific achievements, believing that education should be available for every human being wants to get the education they deserve

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