Degree in multichannel e-commerce: local, social, mobile

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

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Degree in multichannel e-commerce: local, social, mobile

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

The Postgraduate Diploma in E-Commerce Multichannel: Local, Social, Mobile responds to the growing demand for trained professionals in the field of electronic commerce.

Increasingly focused on e-commerce companies are created, existing ones are constantly growing and other traditional companies decide to jump to a multichannel strategy incorporating e-commerce in their processes. In this boom time for the sector, companies have difficulty finding qualified profiles that meet their needs.

In the Graduate E-commerce Multichannel: Local, Social, Mobile a tour through all areas of knowledge necessary to achieve a cross-sectional view of e-commerce is done. You will take a trip through the whole buying process from getting the user logs on our website and execute an order until it receives at home. In addition, you will learn to apply this knowledge to a strategy SoLoMo: Social, Local and Mobile. Hand of the most recognized professionals and through a methodology focused on learning, you will acquire the skills needed to be a professional e-commerce.


What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in e-Commerce Multichannel: Local, Social, Mobile will be perfectly able to:

  • Create and manage your own e-Commerce.
  • Know the strategies and business models that work.
  • Define product or service, strategy, pricing and logistics.
  • It incorporates the e-Commerce and alternative distribution channels in operations.
  • Using marketing strategies and more suitable for online sales channel.
  • Attracting users, loyalty and management throughout the lifecycle of customers.
  • Know the main KPIs, metrics and analytics applied to electronic commerce.
  • Identify technological alternatives to mount an e-Commerce.
  • Apply the SoLoMo strategy, taking full advantage of Social Media, Local (geolocation) and Mobile in an e-Commerce.

To whom it May concern?

The Graduate Certificate in e-Commerce Multichannel: Local, Social, Mobile provides training specifically geared to the following profiles:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop their electronic sales project.
  • Executives who wish to specialize in digital environments and online sales.
  • Professionals who want to specialize and develop an online store.
  • Managers who want to expand their sales channels through an e-Commerce.


The structure and materials of the Postgraduate Diploma in e-Commerce Multichannel: Local, Social, Mobile is organized as follows:

1. Management module and Technology

  • Business models in e-Commerce
  • Development and business strategy
  • Technologies. Creating a Web e-Commerce
  • Methodologies and tools. Project development e-Commerce

2. Module Business Development

  • Means of payment and fraud management in e-Commerce
  • Definition and catalogue management and content
  • Pricing & margin management

Module 3. Operations and Logistics

  • Warehouse management and organisation. Storage Technology
  • logistics management, models and processes
  • Delivery solutions
  • Customer service and after-sales

Module 4. Finance

  • Fundraising & cash management
  • Management control

Module 5. Legal

  • Key aspects of LSSI, LOPD. cookies

Module 6. Marketing and Social Media

  • We are of the Wii are
  • Catchment. SEO-SEM-Search
  • Nurturing. Inbound marketing
  • Customer loyalty and retention. CAC and lifetime value
  • Brand awareness
  • Big data & business intelligence
  • DB management. Clustering, segmentation and marketing mail
  • Affiliate marketing and attribution models
  • From social media to social commerce
  • Display, video, social and remarketing Ads

7. Analytics module for e-Commerce

  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Funnel sales and attribution models
  • Metrics for marketing plan and scorecard

8. Mobile Module

  • Mobile marketing
  • Mobile commerce and Apps

Module 9. Usability and Persuadability

  • Usability and persuadability

During the Postgraduate several Masterclass on e-Commerce where their case will be explained successfully take place. Graduate Final Project

This school offers programs in:
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  • Spanish (Argentina)
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Oct. 2018
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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