Postgraduate in psychology for non-psychologists: applications in the context of work

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Postgraduate in psychology for non-psychologists: applications in the context of work

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The main objective of the postgraduate course "Psychology for Non-Psychologists" is to inform non-psychologists of some scientific approaches that allow us to perceive the human being in different contexts of work and intervention (involving prevention and change of attitudes and behaviors).

We believe that up-to-date knowledge of current scientific perspectives on the functioning of the human being gives us tools to intervene at the level of management and taking action to promote behavioral change.

In this course, psychological processes such as memory and learning, motivation and emotions, attitudes, behaviors, self-perception and self-efficacy, processes of social influence and approaches to the context of these and other human factors in the organizational context will be addressed. The implications of this knowledge will be discussed in order to develop strategies and techniques to evaluate, implement and change decision processes, attitudes and behaviors.

Access Requirements

Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience


Licensed or with professional experience in the area that wish to acquire knowledge, in Psychology in the context of work and organisation.


Module I

Basic Concepts of Psychology (2ECTS)

Module II

Attitudes and Judgmental Trial Processes (3ECTS)

Module III

Personality, Self-Perception and Self-Assessment (3ECTS)

Module IV

Emotions and Emotion Management (3ECTS)

Module V

Stress and Burnout (3ECTS)

Module VI

Persuasion and Change of Attitudes in Work Context (3ECTS)

Module VII

Processes of Social Influence in the Work Context (3ECTS)

Module VIII

Leadership and Team Management (3ECTS)

Module IX

Human Factors in Organizations (3ECTS)

Module X

Prejudice, Discrimination and Intergroup Relations in the Work Context (3ECTS)

Module XI

Conferences (1ECTS)


The course lasts 2 semesters and has 140 contact hours, distributed between 10 curricular units and conferences.


The evaluation will be done online. At the end of each module the student will carry out an evaluation test, the assignment of the certificate being subject to approval in all modules.


The course tutors panel is comprised primarily of corporate and academic professionals who can pass on to students real work experience and practical examples from their experience of business activity.

Career Opportunities

This postgraduate course aims to provide participants with up-to-date knowledge on the studies carried out in the areas of psychology with implications for the work context, namely human resource management and implementation of social intervention actions.

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