Executive digital transformation program

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

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Executive digital transformation program

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

We live in a time of great change that is transforming the way we organise, relate and even the way we live and develop in society and in organizations. In the coming years we will see how the new digital native workforce will complete the process of defining new rules of the game on the market.

The priority of any organisation still survive and be able to adapt to changes as they arise. Knowing how they affect social networks, new technologies, automation, big data and machine learning, the new company connected -IoT-, new forms of organisation and new channels (Internet and mobile) are imprescincibles to apply change effectively in our value chain.

The problem is that often do not know where to start and we were halfway. For this reason we have developed the Executive Programme in Digital Transformation to help managers leading the change to cope with new developments and guide the effective implementation of transformation processes from a real project of digital transformation that will enable your company develop fully in a world full of opportunities.


What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Transformation you will be perfectly able to:

  • Display the organisation of the future and understand how changes are transforming processes and value chain.
  • Knowing what are the areas of most leading digital transformation.
  • Analyze, identify and develop lines or areas of successful transformation.
  • Lead and / or coordinate the digital transformation of an area or organisation.
  • Using strategically transforming the organisation to gain competitive advantage.
  • Knowing the tools and be able to apply for a transversal transformation of organizations.

To whom it May concern?

The Executive Programme in Digital Transformation provides training specifically geared to the following profiles:

  • Professionals and managers who want to know how to start and align the transformation processes in their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs with a vision of creating consumer-oriented organizations.
  • Persons responsible for optimizing processes in companies.
  • Professionals in the field of change management that need to expand the scope.
  • Innovation professionals with business units or corporate guidance.
  • Interested in the impact on SMEs of immersion in the Mobile or Fintech trends.
  • HR professionals in the field who need to have a vision of trends in organizational transformation.
  • Professionals in business and marketing who want to deepen the changing consumer and distribution channels and sales.


The structure and materials of the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Transformation is organized as follows:

Module 1. Organizational Transformation and Model

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • Darwin, business and customer omnipresence
  • Hierarchical models to systemic organizations
  • case Study

Module 2. Transformation of People, Processes and Work Tools

  • Transforming organizations through people management
  • Internal communication in the digital age
  • The digital evolution of tools in organizations
  • case Study

Module 3. Integrate the Digital Strategy in Business Strategy and Marketing

  • The model incordio
  • The model immersion
  • Environment change in sales and distribution channel
  • case Study

Module 4. New financing possibilities. Fintech

  • Evolution of digital transformation for CFOs
  • Fintech Tools for CFOs
  • Information, Big data and predictive analytics. Business intelligence projects
  • case Study

Digital Transformation Project

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Start date
Oct. 2018
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1,850 EUR
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Start date : Oct. 2018
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Oct. 2018
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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