Undergraduate Course - Marketing

Marketing is essential to conquer the market, drive competition, sell more and generate profit. It is one of the most popular and highly paid professional careers since every company needs qualified professionals to plan, organise and manage decisions in terms of products, prices, distribution, promotion and after-sales services.

Marketing benefits society at large improves the standard of living of consumers by meeting their needs and desires with various products and services and allows the existence and development of companies creating them, and generating and distributing wealth.

We invite you to be a successful businessman or professional and so study marketing at Universidad EAN. You will be supported by a very comprehensive and updated curriculum, high-quality tutors, state-of-the-art technology, a virtual library, a business and entrepreneurship focus, and permanent support at set times. All these elements will be provided on an on-line basis, from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.”"Managing competitive and profitable marketing strategies"

Rafael Martín Fisco


  • Solve problems related to communication in order to achieve improvements in terms of productivity and competitiveness within organizations.
  • Manage customer service, marketing, and advertising on an integral basis within the company.
  • Lead marketing projects related to the development, launch, positioning, and marketing of products and services in different potential markets of the company.
  • Lead communication processes within the organisation and those of the organisation with its environment.
  • Act ethically and with social responsibility towards different social, cultural, economic and political realities.
  • Develop sustainable business opportunities, and lead projects aimed at generating economic and social value.
  • Communicate effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments.
  • Apply knowledge in various contexts to solve current problems.
  • Manage technology tools in practice.


  • Management of your own time, learning process, and knowledge.
  • The permanent accompaniment of teachers qualified due to their professional and academic experience.
  • Permanent access to the latest technology and services: online library, thematic and technical forums, chat, email, content, online evaluations, handing in of reports and coursework, audio-videos, advertisements, etc.
  • Validate credits from programs completed at other tertiary institutions.
  • Emphasis on topics of personal interest, selecting elective courses from the portfolio offered by the University: negotiation, service management, financial resources management.
  • Business academic training and ongoing advice on structuring your own company.
  • The possibility of completing a second undergraduate program at EAN University.
Program taught in:
  • English

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Jan 2020
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Jan 2020
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Jan 2020

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