Digital Marketing Master


Programme Description

Why this Digital Marketing Master ?

This training is for people who have a commercial, marketing, communication or IT background and who, in addition to their professional skills, want to:

  • Acquire a synthetic vision of the evolution of digital marketing
  • Gain responsibility in the field of digital strategy
  • Develop specialized skills in the web domain


  • RNCP title "Strategic Web Manager" approved Level 1 by the State (Bac 5) of ISEFAC

Learner Profile:

  • Average age 30 years
  • Wish to acquire a double specialization: marketing management / communication
  • Average experience of 7 years

Duration of the program:

  • 18 months or 500 hours in total of courses and achievements of individual or group projects, accompanied by experts
  • Recommended weekly rhythm: 6 to 8 hours

Training costs :

  • Companies: 10800 € TTC
  • Individuals: 9000 € TTC

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Course of the course

Our active pedagogy places the learner at the heart of its training program. His skills development path is marked by case studies and transversal projects to be carried out in groups or individually.

Thus, it acquires new know-how and validates the educational objectives required to obtain certification.

Skills and objectives of the training

  • Design and pilot a business strategy
  • Analyze the market and the sector and create a business plan
  • Support the overall strategy of the company by integrating the Web into the marketing mix
  • Know how to identify the most appropriate tools and skills related to the company's digital strategy
  • Develop the image and visibility of companies and digital projects
  • Organize and manage the teams needed to complete the project


Achieve your ambitions and evolve in your career

  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Webmarketing Project Manager
  • Mobile project manager
  • Digital project manager
  • Web referencing
  • Web Editorial Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Digital Strategy Consultant
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Traffic Manager
  • Growth Hacker
  • Community Manager

Specificities of the program

  • Active pedagogy through projects to realize
  • 100% remotely from the IONISx platform
  • Collaborative work through regular forums and virtual classes
  • Dedicated pedagogical manager for the good realization of the program

Training program


  • Communication 360
  • Introduction to marketing

M arketing:

  • Marketing studies
  • Numerical revolution
  • Civi 2.0

Digital Communication:

  • Social Media Management
  • Build your editorial strategy
  • Law - Intellectual Property

Media Training:

  • Media Training
  • Oral communication

Marketing strategy :

  • Strategic marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Innovation management


  • team management
  • operational management

Improvement in Marketing and Digital Communication:

  • Mobile communication
  • Gamification marketing
  • The right of the web
  • Crisis communication

Choice of specialty:

Specialty - Strategic Marketing:

  • Strategic Marketing Development
  • International marketing and digital marketing
  • Business Model and Business Plan
  • Strategic planning


S peciality - E-business:

  • Pilot your e-commerce shop
  • Create your online store
  • Liven up your online store

Evaluation and certification procedures

  • The skills to be acquired or consolidated are worked out step by step and in groups, contextually in the form of case studies, from transversal projects to the final project.
  • Intermediate evaluations on video renderings, corrected and validated by expert speakers
  • Each project gives rise to a final defence by jury.

They did it, They talk about it

Philippe Jean-Baptiste, Founder of JIRA Club

"Passionate about digital for 20 years, I wanted to refresh my knowledge through a new diploma. The online videos on the IONISx platform and the pedagogical level of the contents are excellent, I reapply some elements of methodology that save me time; the fact that I can do distance learning is another strong point because I can organise myself between all my travels. "

Alexandra Fleury, Development Consultant & Digital Facilitation

"Being in the job, I chose IONISx to do my training independently and according to my schedule. The pedagogical team accompanies me at all stages, which turns out to be vital. With the IONISx method, digital and remote collaborative work with learners and stakeholders are very concrete concepts. I am learning the new ways of learning and I immediately apply what I have learned from my clients »

Speakers selected by IONISx and meeting the following criteria

  • Experts in their specialty and experience in pedagogy
  • Practicing a professional activity in the field
  • Competence in course animation and content design

Conditions of admission

This training is accessible

  • To the holders of a BAC 3 diploma recognized, License or Bachelor, in the fields of marketing, digital, communication or design ...
  • To holders of a validated BAC 2 diploma supplemented by significant professional experience.
  • Applicants who can enhance their professional skills through a VAP (Validation of Professional Acquisitions)
Last updated Mar 2020

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About the School

L’apprentissage avec IONISx est une véritable expérience de formation. Chaque formation en ligne se présente sous forme de parcours constitué de cas d’études et de projets à réaliser.

L’apprentissage avec IONISx est une véritable expérience de formation. Chaque formation en ligne se présente sous forme de parcours constitué de cas d’études et de projets à réaliser. Read Less
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