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European Wine Academy

European Wine Academy


The European Wine Academy is an international wine Academy (we already started offering online courses in 2004, perhaps the first non-university to do so) offering wine courses and education, no matter where you live, using 21st-century e-learning (distance education) online methods. So, if you have access to a computer and the internet and want a serious wine qualification, we can certainly assist you.

We are a modern Wine School, which has its roots in the wine, oenological and viticultural traditions and wine culture of Europe, but which has now developed into an International Wine School, drawing its students from the whole globe and offering wine courses for amateurs and professionals alike in courses such as Essentials of Wine, Wine Tasting, Wine Regions, Spirits, Sommelliership & Restaurant Management, Wine Tourism, Wine Marketing & Business, Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Production – and all at different academic levels: with the shorter (20-lecture long ) Essentials courses, followed by the popular 40-lecture long Certificate courses, and then topped by the top-range Associate Degree courses, which can have from 80 to 120 lectures.


  • Ghent

    Ghent, Belgium