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Pendragon Educational Publishers ArabicOnline.Eu - Premium Arabic courses with tests and certicates
Pendragon Educational Publishers

ArabicOnline.Eu - Premium Arabic courses with tests and certicates

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English, Avestan

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GBP 150 / per year *

Distance learning

* Special introductory fee £150 (Normal price £250 per annum). One-time fee for 12 months, includes taxes.


The Arabic Premium Programme is a dedicated online course of study. The programme is designed for individual learners who wish to validate their studies with tests and certificates. Students can start at any time and study at their own pace and according to their own time schedule. No additional materials are needed.

Key features

  • Access to all our Arabic Online courses and resources
  • Self-assessment tests at key milestones
  • Achievement tests (A1, A1+, B1, etc)
  • Certificates and digital badges

ArabicOnline.Eu is the original internationally-recognized course of Arabic as a Foreign Language. Supported by the European Commission and designed for European and Western learners.

Published by Pendragon Educational Publishers, a UK-based company that specializes in the development of high-quality online language courses.

What’s included?

Courses for all levels – Beginners to Advanced

  • Essential Arabic
  • Easy Arabic
  • First Steps Arabic
  • Arabic Grammar Explorer
  • Beginners to Intermediate Arabic
  • Intermediate Arabic plus
  • Arabic Grammar Explorer Intermediate
  • Advanced Arabic

Tests and certificates

  • Self-assessment tests, one after each unit of the Beginners to Intermediate course
  • Achievement tests at levels A1, A1+, A2
  • Downloadable print certificates with name, date, and level of achievement
  • Digital badges verified by Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd

Additional bonus programmes

  • Arabic Conversation Practice
  • Arabic Word Trainer
  • A Guide to Writing Arabic (eBook)

Help and support

  • Online tutorials
  • Study Plans and Learning Guides
  • Worksheets
  • Glossary of Useful Words and Phrases
  • Online ticket system

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