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Structuralia Master's Degree in Project Management

Master's Degree in Project Management


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Why Take This Master's Degree?

Historically, businesses have designed and developed their products and services to meet the perceived needs of the market, or to take advantage of identified business opportunities, while presently, said products and services are normally delivered through projects, which have become an essential activity of any company or organization today. The satisfactory completing of a project requires adequate human, technical, material, and economic resources, as well as planning and coordination that integrate said resources efficiently and effectively.

One of the key aspects in project management is the presence of highly qualified leadership, in this case, of a Project Manager, who is the one to assume the ultimate responsibility for meeting project objectives in terms of deadlines, costs, and expected benefits, which makes adequate preparation a critical asset to carry out this responsibility.

The increasing complexity of projects, and the pressure to meet deadlines and budgets, require both a solid conceptual background and a broad practical base. Projects require Project Managers who are trained in the most advanced management techniques, since in the absence of adequate training, the inefficiencies in management will be reflected in the results of the projects.

Therefore, due to the reasons above, the subject covered in this course is of great interest and demand today. However, the training offers of sufficient quality in this field, and that are adequately oriented to the Presentation 3 Master in Project Management, are scarce. These areas make up the reality of the different industrial sectors (construction and equipment) and consulting and services, and hence the importance of project management.

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