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Tecnológico de Monterrey - ITESM Master in Educational Technology
Tecnológico de Monterrey - ITESM

Master in Educational Technology

5 Semesters


Full time, Part time

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MXN 22,455 / per year

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Importance of Education

Teaching is characterized by being the stage where people reflect and participate in change. The present century imposes on the educational issue the need to continue with this tradition in light of the new social demands. Renowned philosophers, thinkers and visionaries of today's organizations, point out that the world is heading for a great transformation where the school, more than any other social institution, will inevitably be affected and for this reason faces great challenges. In the current knowledge society, it is necessary to insert an educational model based on competencies, which favors the integral development of the new educational actors and consequently, the training of the generations served by these actors is extended. The problems that arise daily in the educational field of the 21st century require specialists to respond to them effectively. This can be achieved through adequate preparation in organizational change, educational process planning and educational administration, key elements to achieve alternative solutions.

Addressed to

Professionals with access to educational technology scenarios, either in the educational field or in professional training and education.

Objective of the program

Form people:

  • Apt to propose and execute projects and innovative teaching programs that contribute to the improvement of the service provided in their institutions.
  • Ethics that manifest, through their conduct, a respect for the dignity of people.
  • Able to integrate theory and practice to competitively apply advances and new approaches to knowledge in education.
  • With basic educational research skills to use their results as a means in solving current educational problems.
  • Able to learn to learn in a self-directed, autonomous and self-regulated way throughout their lives.
  • Skillful in the use of technologies to achieve educational and training objectives.

Graduate profile

Our graduates are people with a solid academic background, capable of:

  • Design learning environments by selecting the most appropriate technology.
  • Apply educational technology in your courses as a teacher at the basic, upper or higher level, or as a training instructor.
  • Manage technology projects applied to education from its inception to its evaluation.
  • Design training programs using technology.
  • Lead work teams in educational technology.
  • Design curricular plans based on current teaching paradigms.
  • Select which is the most suitable technology for a learning objective.
  • Evaluate technology-based educational models.
  • Research in the area of technology-supported education.

Opinion of the MTE graduate

“Thanks to the master's degree, today I understand my students more, and I do things that at some point I did not think I would do, such as creating didactic material, taking evaluations and working with them in a different way, through the use of technological tools. I definitely recommend studying this Master's degree at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the plans are innovative and the school has international prestige. " Veronica del Vivar



Program Outcome

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