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    Online Programmes in Motor Vehicle Repair

    What is Motor Vehicle Repair?
    Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) is the process of repairing and maintaining motor vehicles, this includes inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing mechanical issues with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles. MVR can also refer to the business of operating a garage or auto repair shop.

    What can I do with a degree in Motor Vehicle Repair?
    A degree in motor vehicle repair can lead to a career as a mechanic, auto body technician, or service manager at an auto dealership or repair shop. You could also open your own garage or auto repair business.

    Why study Motor Vehicle Repair?
    Motor Vehicle Repair provides an understanding on how to keep our vehicles running properly. Without regular maintenance and repairs, our cars and trucks would quickly break down and become unsafe to drive. MVR helps to improve the resale value of our vehicles, by keeping them in good condition, we can get more money for them when we sell or trade them in.

    What are Motor Vehicle Repair degrees?
    Motor Vehicle Repair degrees are offered at many community colleges and technical schools. These programs typically last two years and lead to an Associate's degree in Motor Vehicle Repair. During your studies, you will learn about engine mechanics, suspension systems, brakes, electrical systems, and more. You will also gain hands-on experience working on cars and trucks in the college's auto shop.