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Bachelor's Brazil Rio de Janeiro March 2019

For 27 years in the market, UNICARIOCA consolidated its position as an institution concerned with the quality of education, employability and accessibility to Higher Education, offering quality services, with affordable prices, and obtained in the last evaluations of the Ministry of Education (MEC) for the fifth year in a row, considered the best University Center in Rio de Janeiro.It started as Faculdade Carioca de Informática in 1990, with headquarters in Botafogo and … [+] only 70 students. Today there are more than 14 thousand students, distributed in four districts in Rio de Janeiro: Rio Comprido, Méier, Bento Ribeiro and Jacarepaguá. From the beginning, the focus was on training ethical and competent professionals, for an increasingly demanding and globalized labor market.In the last four years, it has tripled in size, expanded the offer of undergraduate courses, now with 17 undergraduate courses, expanded postgraduate courses, implemented undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition, it reduced dropout by 25%, with programs such as academic reinforcement and individualized learning orientation. In more than two decades, UNICARIOCA transformed thousands of lives through Education.Always dedicated to excellence in teaching, it guarantees everyone the opportunity to be included in the job market with all the necessary tools for their competitiveness.DifferentialsUNICARIOCA is focused on the emerging middle class of the last decade, with students who dream of becoming prominent in the labor market. In general, they are students from families who believe in the potential and investment in Education as a factor of life transformation. Therefore, the university center invests in offering affordable and quality educational solutions, focusing on the study, management and application of new technologies. The institution offers the student body the opportunity to be included in the job market, guaranteeing all the necessary tools for competitiveness. Recently, core competencies have been included in the curriculum for professionals in all careers, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, ethics and socio-environmental responsibility. UNICARIOCA also offers academic reinforcement classes, such as Portuguese, Mathematics and Physics, which are also open to the community, and seek to offer career guidance and student self-esteem.The institution, which has 85% of the faculty comprised of Masters and Doctors, offers traditional Undergraduate, Distance and Technological courses, as well as Master and Postgraduate courses that offer an excellent opportunity for preparation, recycling and improvement for those who wish entering or re-entering the labor market.According to the last General Index of Courses of the institution (IGC), released by MEC, UNICARIOCA was considered the best university center of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The study measures students' performance in the National Student Performance Exam (Enade), how much the course adds knowledge to the student and input variables - teaching staff, infrastructure and didactic-pedagogical organization.MissionTo train ethical and competent professionals for the labor market, offering accessible and quality educational services, valuing the employability of the graduates and contributing to the sustainable development of the Carioca society and of the Country.ViewTo be a University Center of reference in Higher Education, focusing on student training, working with qualified professionals, adequate infrastructure and critical and active pedagogical models, contributing to the improvement of Education and to the sustainable development of the Carioca society and the Country.ValuesethicCompetenceSocial inclusionQualitySocial and Environmental ResponsibilityTransformative EducationDemocratic and participatory managementUNICARIOCA and RioUNICARIOCA is a university center located in Rio de Janeiro, with units / poles distributed in 4 different districts of the municipality: Rio Comprido, Méier, Bento Ribeiro and Jacarepaguá.Founded on the same day as the anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro - on March 1st, UNICARIOCA has not only the "carioca" brand in its name but also its "carioca" way: modern, dynamic, innovative, always in evolution.The educational, scientific, cultural and social UNICARIOCA of UNICARIOCA is aligned with the challenges and demands of the city of Rio de Janeiro and is therefore recognized for the relevant contribution in the training of ethical and competent professionals for an increasingly demanding job market and globalized. [-]

Grupo IOE

Master MBA Spain Barcelona Madrid Murcia Valencia Colombia Bogotá Mexico Buenavista Peru Lima Brazil São Paulo September 2018 + 10 more

GRUPO IOE has 5 prestigious Spanish and Latin American companies dedicated to the training of managers and other people.In total we give bonus training to about 3,500 companies , in addition to other people, among which multinationals are known, being Grupo IOE leaders in Spain , for the total number of companies that receive our services.Our job is to do subsidized training adapted to the needs of our client, so in addition to having about 400 teachers and training as diverse… [+] as practice adapted to the demand, we work with a team of about 50 professionals dedicated to the development of new training topics and qualifications, and above all adapting the right training to what you need.The values that stand out of our organization are humility and discipline , we listen to you very carefully, your case, your need for training, it is very special for us, see you soon.VALUES THAT WE MAINTAIN AND CULTIVATE IN IOE GROUPThe commitment and loyalty with the company and with the client.Continuous improvement of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.Improvement of professionalism based on continuous learning.Professional initiative and resolution capacity. InnovationIntegrity, responsibility and trust in them, based on open, honest and clear communication.All this with respect, tolerance and understanding.Construction of a company and its team based on positive attitude, improvement of the work environment and human quality.The work and the value of the Effort and the importance of the Conciliation of this one with the personal life.The collaboration between colleagues, the professional team.With humility, guarantee of future forged in the discipline.MISSIONThe fundamental purpose of Iniciativas de Empresa is the transmission of knowledge, skills and attitudes through training programs for workers and companies in Spain.All this in order to the expectations of our customers, some of the best companies in Spain, and the professional development of the people that make up the staff of Grupo IOE.VIEWThe projection of our future image is to be a great ally of companies, students, and workers, in the mission that they obtain a good training for employment, so that our customers get the best performance in the form of improvement of its competitiveness. [-]

EF English Live

Course Brazil Santana de Parnaíba March 2019

HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH IN ENGLISH LIVEGet confidence in the language, see the step by step of learning English here:Take the test and find out your level;Create a Custom Study Plan;Start the lesson with a realistic dialogue video;Practice with interactive English activities and exercises;Apply what you have learned in conversation classes with our English teachers;Receive your English degree at every level.YOUR ONLINE COURSEOur interactive lessons help you learn real English… [+] for real situations using video and text. Thus, you build your vocabulary and grammar.ENGLISH LANGUAGES WITH TEACHERSClasses with our English teachers help you learn how to interact. You develop confidence to converse in English.THE SCHOOL ON THE CELLULAR OR THE TABLETLearn English wherever you want with apps for iPad, iPhone or Android ™ devices. Download the lessons to study without having to connect to the internet.YOUR RESULTS AND DIPLOMASYour progress is recorded and you follow how much you have learned in English. At the end of the levels, take the test to receive your English diploma.ABOUT EF English LiveThe world's largest online English schoolEF English Live was established in 1996 under the name Englishtown with the aim of helping busy students learn English. We've been evolving a lot, we're live 24 hours a day and we've become "Live". Online teaching is easy, practical and flexible, so you can learn wherever and whenever you want.We have been in Brazil for more than 15 years with the mission of using technology to create an essentially better way of teaching English. With each passing year, our numbers increase, showing that we are on the right track.Our online English school is a company that is part of the EF Education First group. The group has 50 years of experience in teaching languages, with physical schools, exchange, au pair program and more. [-]