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EELU provides high-quality education and training services at affordable price to supply labor-market with ready industry workers able to deal with advanced technologies and to create and continuously improve teaching and learning environment. The educational policy of the university depends on an integrated educational system which facilitates a learner centered-based model by providing: 1. Face–to–face lectures between tutors and students. 2. Asynchronous self-paced through the university portal to access e-courses and e-content. 3. Synchronous virtual classrooms using the Internet and the university Intranet. 4. Video conferencing. This educational model combines the advantages of both the traditional education and the e-learning education in a distinguished blended model. As the traditional education allows a student to contact directly with instructors in one hand and with other students on the other hand while the model of e-learning permits a student to use modern and advanced technologies and enables him/her to acquire communication skills, presentation skills, and knowledge-search skills. Therefore, the student in the Egyptian E-Learning University becomes the center of the educational system and is qualified with knowledge and skills to join a competitive labor-market worldwide。


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