eCampus University


eCampus University is an accredited online University as well as a fully functional university campus offering three different online learning options: standard distance learning, an on-campus residential programme and a combined distance and residential programme (only for non-EU students).


  • Three online learning methods available to satisfy both European and International students’ needs
  • Outstanding quality e-learning system offering a personalised online platform for each student
  • Highly qualified university professors
  • Personal tutors always available for administrative and academic support
  • Possibility to live and study in a modern building set in a beautiful location near to Milan and Lake Como

In addition to its comprehensive distance learning support, eCampus University is also a fully functioning university campus, offering a complete university experience to those who choose to live on our campus. Our high-quality e-learning method guarantees an exceptional learning experience and offers extensive online study resources and materials. Students have access at any time and in any place to online guidance both in terms of educational support and for administrative and welfare needs.


Immersed in the beautiful greenery of Brianza, the university campus is located in the ex-IBM centre in Novedrate (CO). It is a composition of avant-garde architecture designed by architect Bruno Morassutti and is made up of 12 adjoined towers of different levels.


  • 5 Faculties
  • 22 Undergraduate degree courses with 27 different study streams
  • 14 Master’s degree courses
  • Undergraduate courses available in English (Engineering, Economics and Fashion)
  • e-Learning lessons available anytime and anywhere
  • No compulsory attendance
  • On-campus residential programmes available
  • Open enrolment all year round
  • Maximisation of student’s personal time
  • Possibility of credit transfer
  • 24/7 Student support line
  • Programmes with NO study visa required
  • Four branches in Italy: the residential campus in Novedrate (Northern Italy),and six separate branches in Turin and Padova (Northern Italy), Rome and Naples (Central Italy), Bari and Palermo (Southern Italy)

Novedrate (Como) Campus

The main campus of eCampus Online University is in Novedrate (Como). Built in the early 1970s, the building complex was designed by architect Bruno Morassutti, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and housed the IBM Education Centre until July 2003.

The structure is located inside the park of Villa Casana, an early eighteenth-century building. The park extends over an area of 150,000 square metres.

The buildings have an area of more than 23,000 square metres and include:

  • two main buildings, the first dedicated to management and teaching structures (with 60 rooms of various size, partially with movable walls) and the second one for housing (225 single-room apartments for students and 45 two-room apartments for faculty; the whole can be increased to 500 units);
  • areas dedicated to kitchens, pantries, restaurants and bars;
  • lobby;
  • auditorium;
  • infirmary;
  • warehouses;
  • small buildings for guard use;
  • small buildings used for technical-engineering services.



Università degli Studi e-Campus
Via Isimbardi 10

22060 Milan, Lombardy, Italy

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